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Recent guess you may wonder if it's new to the show because our guest a brought in a lot of new ears and eyes from his own fan base which were were discovering on twitter which has basically exploded when he reached out and reach tweeted the link for today's show to watch live you can watch us live you can join us on the youtube recent guess you wonder may want a dialogue brian cranston billy bob thornton jennifer fisher christopher guest lauren ingraham paul reiser oh and we could you raise no big wheel upcoming jennifer tilly seventeen you're going to be here gone here here grey pamela add lot of the new year as well as louis anderson very excited and we have a winner for the larry king game and though our guest 'cause i think i've asked him to wait too long this from charlie cook remember you could write into larry king game two one yourself with tshirt which charlie has won a kevin pollock chatshow tshirt king game goes like this yesterday i would a bag of eminent all i got word w's what kind of bullshit operation you run on mars oh kentucky you're on the air pretty good tomorrow mars sodas of them rock as a consumer reshape the shut up to mars again within punching i'm going to go ahead yeah he had yesterday over the bag we're w's with the house what the hell is wrong with you people something like that and i took punch it up to what kind of bullshit operation you run on mars.

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