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The desire to do it. We have the Ability to deal with the team to do it and so why not try and sustain would burn and and keep walnut hills alive or would burn that neighborhood of women alive as like a you know i. It needs an anchor. It's a great spot. Man the taproom is beautiful. You know and maybe we're going to kind of inside baseball with us but I i will get people that are angry from you. not asking. some of the questions about would burn The the idea of keeping the name in keeping the brand of would burn alive. How much of a discussion was that. How easy of a decision was it to keep it. And and keep it kind of It's gotten a refresh and it's a little different is still kind of fits in with Everything else you guys are doing but still it's still would burn. You know for sure. How much of a discussion was that mean discussion. Wise there's definitely more than one discussion that had different conclusions to it It's definitely a process that we took by steps and figured out the pros and cons like he would in any critical thinking situation The biggest I guess logic that we use to to keep the name was that manson would burn abbas in a beautiful neighborhood and we wanted to keep the people that were there for one woman was in the best of of light. We wanted those people to be back right when we wanted to keep that experience going. I mean at least i can speak to my about selfishly when i went there when it first opened one chris. Mitchell was still there. I mean i had some of the best beer in the city and i loved every second of it and i wanna see it come back in some sort of fashion and that was part of the logic used moving into that decision. Yeah i too would burn woodmen brewing all of the industry stig months that a lot of people a lot of really good people worked really hard to make would burn what it was at its height and i don't think it would be fair to have it diminished or eliminated because of one person that would. That's that's the part that i think and you don't have to come out and say it is one person that destroyed that business and what it was to not just the community but to this this this Craft beer world around it like it was it was on course to do some incredible stuff and one person destroyed and i i've had the discussions with other people that Other reasons were kind of play with all that bullshit. It's all it's all bullshit it was. It was one person that did all who that person was. And and like it. It's upsetting that. You can take a group of people that were just dumping every ounce of themselves into a place and into an idea and into Into into would burn and what that is and have that all destroyed by one person who you know the issues aside you know. It's it's it's it's again heartbreaking. The same way that that we were talking about before with seeing you know old firehouse sitting idle. It's just hard. It shouldn't be that way and the fact that there is that opportunity for new life makes me feel good and having the the logo phoenix. How into right like oh can you give that a second chance right so i i think it deserves it. Sure and the neighborhood deserves to have it as its flagship and we will be right by right. I mean that's one of the things that when we sit down and talk about what we're doing with the milk craft distillery in that building and how important that building is to milford. I know in my heart of hearts that we will do right by the building will do right by the history will do right by the building and we'll do the same thing with women so Win in march i opened. There was kind of a There was a lot of people that are talking about the fact that it was You big money coming in and starting a brewery distillery. It didn't have seoul with didn't have this at didn't have that it's just somebody coming in. And starting a business and the fact that overtime whether it existed in the beginning or not as a whole you could have that argument but the fact that overtime things have proven to be a little bit different. You know be it. Resurrecting the milk craft and keeping keeping that soul of that building alive or You know with with would burn and keeping that brand in that idea. It's easy to just wipe that stuff off and start from scratch and build you know a nice new little warehouse with with taproom and a really pretty browser distillery or whatever it is in there the fact that that hasn't been the way that things have been done have It's proven a lot about where this business can go long term. I think i get some of the arguments that people make about how this place started in Kind of some of the The philosophies behind a win it started. But i i i believe long-term in what this is becoming. It's it's so. I mean the rumors are true right like we're insanely well-financed. That's it is what it is. But i will say that Mark are owner. Lets us run this right. He's incredibly invested and incredibly passionate about it and he but he doesn't do this for him. He does this because he wants to see us. Succeed in us to grow it And i say us. I say me. Brian josh bath. Jeff and kevin like. I think that's what i think is so fascinating about eggs. I think maybe day one. That wasn't the way it was like. I think day one. Maybe it was like. Oh this is what i want to do. Because i think this is what i think is is going to succeed because what i like and that ability to evolve and change with watching what's happening around you and the people that are coming in here and the people that are working for like that not even some of the places that we all love can't adjust like that can't see the world around them the way that The that maybe yeah ownership here has you know. It's it's there's ought to be said about that that ability to adapt and change and evolve It means something for what this can be long term. And i'm talking. Long it gets we are burger is in the city are still babies like we. Mount carmel is what fifteen years. maybe and. that's the oldest ohana. That's that's nothing in in the world and like you know you're talking about now businesses that you hope can like can transition generations and and become something long long term and i when i look at places like this. That potential is there. There's some great burgers that i don't see that potential with. I think the one thing that we've learned is that the business plan isn't etched in stone right. The there's a leaky we were. We were cider and lager house only interested to that we the the industry time especially during this time as beef we pivoted we. We figured out what seoul figured out what we like to do. And we'll be really good at and we we. We did this things right. At least i like to think so we did. I think so for sure like the right moves.

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