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To a new york team that isn't the keys well i'll tell you what i will be with us okay and if a famous wayne gretzky quote works for wife sports okay you will miss a hundred percent of the shot you take in life guaranteed if you don't take a single shot to cook up the phone once maker deal right this can you repeat that again you're gonna miss one hundred percent of the shops nyu youth so don't go ahead so pick up the phone from getting college with the florida marlins and get stanton into you know through the match it's only the media market the on a billion dollar deal to power the man is money insurer but don't tell that sandy alderson don't tell that to the whale bombs these day i'm telling you that the and and jitters nontrading them and we'll and mortar more there are the mets go on but matt harvey there once you got a trade matt harvey when the winnings of paintings skunk who you gonna give it to the marlins for standing in the national league most valuable player kevin is calling alum me get kevan kevin is calling from babe vilm new york in kevin you're on the van was happening kavan a mood europe now you could coach for the yankees 5b more than that not had callahan do that now here's the thing cabin you i know what you're gonna talk about i know what you're going to bring up because it's written on the screen at seem not no kevin cavalier not listening it's it's it's not gonna happen it is no eight listen i'm old we'll steve i'm probably around your age and uh i've been again and my entire life and underpin the key man will back in the day and all that stuff let's go back to the old old leaves we have we fourth everybody and we can use the kick by no yes i am one of those years that next to win and i'm really pistol auckland we don't you're you're warner those they're yankee fans with a sense of entitlement here exactly and your handler that's right you want to.

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