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He is running on Gerry McNamara eight six six ninety right I welcome good morning thank you so much for being here this morning coming up following the the top of the hour we just we got to do the story because this may be funnier than the freedoms story yeah but the students had signed the petition to ban offensive white man in the crosswalk signs this was again a fake petition provided by campus reform going to Washington university to ask students that they supported changing the offensive and oppressive white man in the cross walk lights you don't ever go to cross the every set little stick figure there right saying the fact that the man is white is offensive and so will hold and we know it's a man right accident I mean I don't it is it is I don't know is that I don't know I don't know it's the skinny man if it is it's a very very skinny man I I don't think it's right to representation of the average human figure to begin with no I don't think the average human as a skinny no no no we we stick skinny right which I anything which again is a van which again is a pressure because it doesn't show the truth of of what human beings are really like right here and it's also body shaming for people who are so we got a number of things that we're upset about it with this whole thing is if we're going to help embellish this effort here with with more items plus the latest on the have steam guards down that fox news story on the what possibly legal things they might have done.

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