San Francisco, Chicago, Brooklyn discussed on HOMOGROUND - queer music radio (LGBTQ) - [#210] // SXSW SPOTLIGHT 2017 // PART 2 // Fruit & Flowers / DUDE YORK / FEE LION / TOMBOi / MICAHtron / Sharkmuffin / IAN SWEET


The same ground different sounded your nomo ground i'm your host shelia mrs episode to ten hey y'all this is part two of our cell by southwest two thousand seventeen spotlight fears showcasing musician performing at the weeklong plus festival held annually in austin texas part one featured a few fantastic musicians from new york city to alaska even down or austin in this round we got talent from all around the country from san francisco all the way over his seattle jacksonville chicago and new york city akiko this episode with them hometown hilmi's ak brooklyn's burien fruits and flowers a four peace surf pump new are banned that's found success during their life performances check them out on our episodes for all their south by shows and now wasn't a turquoise master by fruits and flowers here on hubbell ground mrs which was two two.

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