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Skin worked against you as well and trying to get books sometimes? Oh, definitely. I know. My height as well. And the funny thing is, like, in the circles, it's difficult because not a lot of people are in my position. You can be black and you can be average height. And you can blame a lot of things on the call of your skin, which oftentimes, it is true. And then you can be just a smaller individual of any nationality and your height will come into play. In the world of wrestling, my height plays a huge issue with everyone. Right. And then my nationality plays a role as well. But then when we go in the small circle of me being amongst other African Americans, while we're all in this together, my hike still plays a role. I got you. Regardless of where I am, I still have uphill battle to fight. Because of my height or either my race. Combination of the two. Yeah. Exactly. So for me, I just had to learn how to accept that and regardless of what happens make the best out of anything that I'm given. In my mind, people look at me having a handicap. I look at my handicap as a way to tell unique stories because how many guys are my height walking around the independence, walking around professional wrestling. They're not many. So I have a unique way of looking at how to use my height as an advantage. It's a unique story to tell that is out on the show. And it's smart too. I know it seems crazy, but 30 years ago when I started, I was a short guy too, right? And I knew right from the start that I would never be the biggest guy on the show, but I could have the biggest charisma, the biggest personality. The biggest connection with the audience. And that really helped me over the years. And you can see how things changed from the mid 90s to the late 90s to where size wasn't as much of a difference. But being 5 11 in 1990, you might as well have been 5 four whatever you are because everybody else was 6 foot 8. So how can this little guy come in here and work with these guys? Well, okay, I'll focus on my personality and my connection with the audience, which is the most important thing about pro wrestling. I don't care if it's the 60 70s, 80s, 90s, 2021 and everything in between. I definitely agree. Something I really admire about you is please correct me if I'm wrong, but how you've been able to recreate yourself. Sure..

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