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For families in need. A few 100 bucks a month with no strings attached, and the last presidential debate with President Trump and Joe Biden and this Thursday night from Nashville and you'll hear it live on BBC news radio. It's 8 46 and following more than a year of turmoil and tragedy, the Boeing 7 37 MAXjet may have finally been cleared for takeoff. Boeing 7 37 Max, grounded since March of 2019 maybe hitting the skies again soon, American Airlines says pending FAA re certification It will fly the plane from December 29th. Through January. 4th between Miami and New York as part of a plan to phase the plane back into service in Europe's top aviation regulator, told Bloomberg last week he's satisfied with the changes Boeing has made to the aircraft enough so that it could be flying again in Europe. By the end of this year, 7 37 Max was pulled from service after two crashes that killed 364 people, and that is CBS's Die in King Hall without report. A new slate of flights going to be available for booking as early as this weekend, customers will be made aware that they are flying on a Boeing MAXjet at 8 47. The city of Wooster is mourning the loss of its longtime DPW commissioner, W. P. Z's John Bay back has more almost He was 63 when he launched his battle late Friday with cancer. He had served this city for 36 years since 2014 is the DPW commissioner who led the city through countless snow storms and other states of emergency and in fact was late in the city. A second drought in three years. You also had a role in the ongoing construction of Polar Park Mayor Joe Petty says Mousy was a true public servant City. Bannister at Augusta says he was honored to work with Lucy for the last seven years, saying he'll be missed a za colleague and as a friend. In the Worcester bureau, John Bay back W B Z Boston's news right here all this decade. It's estimated that 25% of all job growth in Massachusetts is coming from stem believes he's Chris farmers, saying That's why science technology, engineering and math are in the spotlight This week Stem week here in Massachusetts and state leaders, educators and employers from industries across the Commonwealth are asking you to see yourself in. In fact, that's the theme of the third annual in first time fully Ritual celebration of science, technology, engineering and math, which was created to provide some foundational skills for a student to be prepared to enter this vibrant workforce. Dr. Jennifer Handsome in his dean of math and science at Westfield State, she's optimistic about taking stem week online. We can reach more students and community members this way, with forums and lectures, presentations and guest speakers, something for everyone, anyone across that they conjoining. It's nasty and weak dot org's. You can sort through filter out different activities. The great one. Hate to interact. Chris Mama W. B. C. Boston's NewsRadio heads up for those in Boston's financial district. The tot A bakery and cafe is going to be closed for the day. Muddy water is to blame there. The place is a mess this morning. Crews are working to repair a burst water main right across the street. I know the school is saying they're going remote Students at Cardinal Spellman High School in Brockton will be learning from home this morning after three new covert cases are confirmed at the school Southeast Regional vote Tech also going remote, as school officials say exposure to three students was very limited. A beachside restaurant in Salisbury temporarily shut down for violating Covad restrictions. The closure coming after the Dolphin Bar and Grill reportedly had Carrie Okie night the other night. That's not allowed until face four of the state's reopening plan. The owner is planning to appeal that decision. And at 8 49 Corona virus infections now surpassing 40 million across the globe and the latest numbers from Johns Hopkins University. CBS's Savina Castle. Franco. Seeing Europe is among the region's grappling with a dangerous new surgeon cases as Italy hit a new record of daily covert 19 cases of more than 11,700. The Italian prime minister Giuseppe Monti announced new restrictions, saying the situation is critical restaurants will now close at midnight. And tables will be limited to six bars will have to close at 6 P.m.. Unless I can offer seated service, Amateur sports and local fairs have been banned. School arrivals will be staggered Sabina Castle Franco CBS News Room at 8 50 protests in the Czech Republic, turning violent.

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