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And with a new system last year with hypo coming in and just bringing what bringing to him what he needed as a quarterback, some tempo utilizing his mobility and simplifying things on the perimeter with a match ups that they get. He is really thrived. And more than anything I'm convinced, it's just game experience and you see him grow in his leadership is development of understanding coverages and where to go with the football. So he's been one of the stars of college football this year and for NFL scouts when I'm calling those guys during the week when they're out on the road. He's one of the guys that keeps the name keeps popping up because he was a player coming in in the year. Maybe a fringe draft pick. And now he's climbing the ladder if you will, and that day three range and we know the top 5. We've got CJ Stroud from Ohio State. You got Bryce young from Alabama. You got will levis from Kentucky. Then you get to the kind of project guys in Tyler Van Dyke from Miami and Anthony Richardson from Florida who have not played well, but they have great upside. Right after that, I think hen and hooker is in the mix. I have them as the number 6 quarterback in this class. Let me go back, you mentioned levitt and I want to gang up on him because he's had better days than the one in Oxford, but what did you see there being there and does it change your view of him at all? I wouldn't say it changes my view. I mean, first of all, you have to understand, you're talking about a quarterback who dislocated his finger in his non throwing hand. Went over the sideline. I was standing ten yards away. They snapped it back in place, tape it up. He goes back in. Then he twists his ankle and they've got to tape that up and he goes back in. The guy is a battler. I mean, he really is. He's the ultimate competitor. He's very intelligent. He's got a big time arm. He has mobility. The two things that I see when evaluating him

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