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Your perception of traditional banks. Here's this weekend's Jennifer Kushinka when you think of bankers you probably think. Of, stayed men in suits well there's at least one banker who's. Trying to change that image Christina Rexroad of the Wall Street Journal. Is here with more Christina let's. Start with the Bank itself what can you? Tell us about? Berkshire hills Bancorp is it this. Is a tiny little Bank they've been based in the berkshires in Massachusetts, for a long time they they, recently just moved to Boston so they're trying, to get a higher profile but you unless you're really covering the industry or, unless you live in area you've. Probably never heard of them my my. Job is I cover. Regional In community banks into my. Job is to just sort of talk to people see who out. There and one of the reasons. This Bank caught my eye is because they? Have this funny? Tagline or they call themselves America's. Most exciting Bank which is sort of you gimmicky and funny but that's, also in banking that particularly unusual, because you know most banks right now I, want to be pretty boring and fly under the radar and Christina they get, that from their CEO Michael daily. What can you tell us about him What was it you know so I I, I met him when I got lunch with. Him he's very confident he runs this small little Bank and, thinks that he can, take on much better players and he is pretty unusual in that the. The best example you're ever going to find. This man unless he tops it is You had an employee meeting. Some years, ago and he wrote into it on zip, line and you know had a smoke machine was like. Tossing hundred dollar bills to the crowd so you're not. Gonna you're not gonna find that in many business executives, much. Much less bankers and you know in for for all that he seems, to have a traditional background you know because a lot of people who are bankers? Maybe always thought? They would? Be or always, liked numbers and he's strikes me as more of. A people person. We're speaking with Christina Rexroad at the Wall Street Journal Christina what does Michael daily want, Berkshire hills to look like the Bank itself but what are the rules that he said for his employees to make it different Yeah so we have these kinda funny roles like, he. You know you have to play rock music at the start of every, meeting and you know it has to be rock music it can't be elevator music Sort of sort sorta strict like that, you know he doesn't he doesn't wear a suit he doesn't want other people to wear a suit and his philosophy and I. Don't. I don't really know if you can prove whether, this is, successful or not or fetus have to rely on anecdotal evidence is. That people will, do better work if they want. To come to the office I mean that's not an original thought a lot, of people have like tech companies until fourth try to try to exhibit that to do you know if his employees like him You know I don't I don't know we just did I just, we just, did a short little feature on him so I am sure. That there are employees who sort of, rolled their eyes and thought that this was silly. And, probably last you know 'cause, they're gonna love other banks that you can work for but. Something he told, me he, does which I have not met anyone..

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