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These people are not exactly embracing. Jesus they're embracing what they perceived to be a bit of magic and more effective magic final one year your cane bike rider well. I'm a borrowed some love box here. How do you feel about the compulsory lower belt wearing helmets? I'm not really fond of it to be honest stacking and I I in the last ten years of of spent time in Japan took my bike Mike over a couple of times and basically never warmer helmet in Japan. Wear hats to keep the son of face which I found much much more comfortable and much more useful than than helmet. I can understand the argument of preventing head injury to rational argument. I just don't like the idea of enforcing it and so anyway in camera the usual. That's right you'll be fond. They've brought audit flying with without wearing a helmet. If you're a fake but now the Sikhs have received a special exemption because of the turbine that they were makes it impossible impossible to wear bike helmets and now to comply with the Lewa religious religious privileges for well. I don't don't think anyone should be required to wear but I don't think that if there is a long if there is a lord should be applied uniformly. Of course. Yeah I think so as well I mean why is the law. It's because people fall off bikes get head injuries and we as a community in having to run hospitals with brain injury centers in fix them up and we drove a not. If you can in a turban isn't going to do anything of any real significance. How thick a bit like the roundup tale? There's a lot of hair under it and that's why they wear one isn't it because the Sikh men done cut the hair yeah the sorts of injuries that helmets designed onto avoid help avoid honestly. It's one way if you don't think it's important that the people there element and then get rid of the law but there was also the case some years ago in the UK where I think it was in the highway. Some seek cricket fans were permitted permitted to carry their little their little dagger on they built into the cricket ground or any other person if they were caught carrying of any sort would have it confiscated use in the Sierra manual. Dagga him double standard. It is well. That's part of different news. It's an article on a moment as I said next week we're going to do an morality. Hugh Harris Hi Fli and oh I think twelve main tonight we are. I think probably try and get Scott on maybe the following week I a reliable Internet connection at that point on. I WanNa thank the patrons. Actually because we had a few new site D listener we subscribe grabbed lots of right wing lift wing and middling he's and also buy lots of books and say oh you're getting this subscribers to feel books yes I am a side. If you want to help out. You can become a patron adult show. All all we ask up on our website on film club Dot Com. You can join people like Sean Snell. Cry John Land. And why now. A Jahmai Allison Steve Tiny title Jimmy Spud Kind Rahman Maj.. Robbie Rod Palais Medic Man. Dominic Leeann dive. Daniel Harry payday kept and dooms die. Weet what CHA ZSA Andy. Murray Molina Adam professor. Doctor Dentist Andy. Murray Andy End. Murray Glen Craig Matthew Alexander Zehnder. Pull Tom Terror. Could meal Kim. Donnie Darko Clinton Gavin. John tiny yet another pink fan. Dan should be morally yet. Another pink and Fan waving to do book reviews. He is going to read a book. I the and I can't remember the name of the one I recommended and I'm decided I'm GonNa Rape Pinker. I've got it here to have an enlightenment. Now is the volume yarmulkes America and we can just got that so we can both of them and Graham recent sort of patrons include Graham Mark Citizen Six and David you just joined a dying. Thank you to all those type of textile school by school. And thanks to the non-patrons do directory pay Pal Dean. Ken Was the beneficiary Mr Anderson Korean men. David Bibb in Damian Damian from redline digital all of your wordpress needs wine and jared diamond helped me out when I just couldn't fix something on this process and these sponsors over time being was wine I lane Brahmin Dive Adam Lane and Caitlyn sack captain dunes. Dying Glenn Steve. Somebody who gave us a high might be because Could you get in contact again. The PITNEY sent. I might be because I can't find the email the MRIs and I wanNA correspond with you and thank you probably and because Scott Sawai I'm GONNA lose track of the sort of bees sponsorship stuff so yeah thank you to the people who support us. It's much appreciated. And and and yeah. We'll be back next week with the topic and if you've got topics that you'd like us to discuss and perhaps encourage the listeners. To have a look at that book because it's quite ah interesting book now the The candidate I like Kay. What's it called again? Such from all compensates search for a moral compass. A few book reviews this year. There's another that I've been going through. And I think not to a few book views when the sort of Cardiff as the time is Disa- more signing look after that wrought side thank you for the people in the chat room sorry facebook sort of went in in and out of it but anyway if you've been listening to the podcast you missed all that so anyway. Thanks for joining US talk to you next week. Thanks everyone by Feast Glove Glove twelve men hard bottom here. You'll last episode was only one hour long and not the one hour and thirty thirty minutes. I've become accustomed to you own me. Thirty three cents. And if I don't get it I'll be sending some rather large chaps around there to perform their own kind of knee surgery on you..

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