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Point in time. Did anybody like our music? 88 88 ask Leo. Mike is on the line from Maine. He is our Airline pilot guy podcaster, not an airline pilot himself, but a big aviation fan. Right, Micah? Well, let me correct you on that If you don't mind, Leo, I do. I am involved with the airline pilot guy, but really, I'm an airplane geek podcast. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I always get that wrong. Airplane geek podcast The airplane geeks? Yes. And in fact, today we just covered the Sperling Farms fly in and pancake breakfast. That was just amazing. Wait a minute on this beautiful Is that the biggest thing that happened in in aviation today? The Sperling Farm Flyover cake, Breakfast and flying. Yeah, they were over 100 planes from all over New England. That's pretty cool. Where is spur Wink Farms? Just out of curiosity. Ape. Elizabeth, Maine looks Right over the banks of the Atlantic Ocean. It's normally a horse past year, but they it's also an airfield and there was even a 1939 Beechcraft stagger wing and I'm sure Wow, what that is, and it was gorgeous. Wow, Beautiful day. Do you fly yourself, Micah? No. You know, I used to do radio and I used to interview musicians and people say, Do you play and I said no. I just criticized those with pilot. Yeah, Same thing for me. Yeah. Those who can't go on the radio. Exactly or now podcasts. But you know what, if if that's the whole beauty of podcasts, If you're something that you love, and you're crazy about your passion about make a podcast about it, because I guarantee you there's other people who share your passion. That's really funny. Have we have over 10 on the airplane geeks we have over 10,000 downloads a week with good, very good for 11 years just finished Episode 660. It's a weekly podcast. And with Bradley Guy launchpad Mars R E I c. Well, That's the sad story. Uh oh. Launch. We lost him last week. His folk wolf won 49 d He came down and Oh, dear, and, uh, savings, keeping himself from crashing into a bunch of houses and killing other people. He brought himself down and unfortunately, um, well, he's a hero. He's a hero really is And if you if you listen to last week's podcast episode, 6 60 I do a tribute to him. That really talks about what a two stories about him that sure what a hero is How it affected us. He flew of Funchal Wolf F W P 1 49 d beautiful. That a German, uh, World War two. That particular one was a trainer that was made by by Piaggio. And if you go to the Wikipedia page, and you look at that aircraft and you go to the fourth one down, that's his aircraft, Canadian civil service, But that's his. And he loved that airplane. What a loss. Well, I'm sorry. I know he was a contributor on the podcast. So that's uh That's tragic and a very, very good friend. I'm so sorry to hear that, Micah Thank you Condolences, but I had a question for Rod. I don't know if we can get him on or not, we can Rod is going to magically appear. Hello, Going. Hello, Point Rod normally join? Well. He will join us about 10 minutes for, uh, to talk about space. But go ahead and ask your question, Michael. You know, Ron, I I've been listening to the show and like you and like Leo. It's like the suborbital flights. Okay? They're kind of fun. And But what Richard Branson did today, Okay, that's really needed. You know, he was a passenger on an airplane that In quick, Oh, suborbital, But okay and then and then Jeff Bezos is going up in the O. Ryan, and that's more of a rocket. And that's a suborbital flight like Alan Shepard and Gus Grissom did, and that's terrific. But he's also bringing Wally Funk which I think is really need. So that was brilliant. PR. Yeah, Brilliant PR. So Jeff Bezos is no fool. He wins the PR battle between the billionaires, by the way, so he does an instagram of first of him asking his brother to go and his brother was genuinely like what? Yes. And then even more brilliant. This is on Jeff's, uh, instagram account. I don't know if it's the blue origin Instagram account er Jeff's personal account. I think it's his personal account, he asks. The oldest person ever go into space. Previous was John Glenn was, I think, 77 when he went up, Uh, Wally Funk, who is and this is the fascinating part of the story. Besides being an FAA inspector and pilot herself. She was one of the Mercury 13 the original 13 women who were selected for the Mercury program, but never got well. Why not quite accepted? You gotta be a little careful with okay. That's the story. They were invited. They were invited by the Lovelace clinic who had done all the training. Excuse me the examination. It wasn't NASA. That Astor no. Was really lovely is who ran that saying, You know, I'd like to know about women, too. And once they passed, and in some cases with better scores in the men to be to be fair, Uh, there were some agitation to try and get them considered. But NASA famously President Johnson Scrolled. Then Vice President Johnson scrawled on a note that was asking for them to be admitted. The murky program said. Let's stop this now. Wow. Text So NASA said, No, they're not test pilots. And they retorted, You won't let us be test pilots and they said, Yeah, but you're not test pilot. So, yeah, they weren't actually part of that program that it was a private program. Okay, That's interesting Wells through the government contract. Yeah, I'm sure Michael was going to say the same thing right? Exactly exactly And and And if you want to find out about her, we just had her biographer on the show. Just look up while he funk on the airplane geeks, the website and you can hear a whole hour and a half interview about her, which is interesting. Character, the the video that Jeff Bezoza posted. She was just a hoot a pistol in her eighties now, But boy, she's got energy and he asked her. What are you gonna What are you gonna do when we land and she says, I'm gonna jump? I can't remember exactly what she said. It was. It was great. I just I admire the heck out of her. So that's that's a good move, I think, but it isn't exactly It isn't exactly going in orbit. It's not exactly going to the space station. It's not exactly going to the moon. It's just going up and down. But it is big. The commercial enterprise has done it. Yes, sir. If I can. Talent, Shepard, Gus Grissom, they went suborbital. They got their astronauts wings. They're all talking about giving Jeff Bezos and Wally Funk, astronaut wings and my opinion and I'm very explicit with it, And it's very controversial, and people are campaigning for Wally Funk together. Astronaut wings. She's not an astronaut Jeff Bezoza senator astronauts their passengers. Oh, that's interesting one. So so and it gets even more complicated it. Yeah. So thank you. So it gets more complicated because bezoza is going up over 62 Miles, Which is, you know, is the Karman line that's officially space internationally, right? If you are a air force pilot, and you go over 50 miles high, you get Something called your astronaut waiting right and that that dates back to the X 15 program. So so the Air Force and the FAA and NASA say it's 50 miles and everybody else on the planet says No. It's 62. 400, kilometers. So you know, there's that technical definition. But beyond that, when people are paying money to take these flights, and maybe especially in sub orbital, you know, there is an experiment that on today's flight, how do plants respond to zero gravity? Well, we know that already because you've done the space day. Yeah, it wasn't that long, either. Yeah, so it's like, OK, his little science there, but Are the astronauts. Are they? Citizen astronauts? Are they space tourists? And you're going to see a lot of fighting. By the way. They got.

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