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Brakes not far after route twenty eight in Randolph, and it remains slow from there onto the expressway. Expressways filling in between east Milton and Andrew square, David straw, Felino. WBZ's traffic on the threes. Forty seven degrees and sunshine in Boston them morning sun, however will begin to fade behind clouds this afternoon. We'll see temperatures in the mid and upper fifties today. Cloudy, tonight, forties and tomorrow. Clouds, breezy. Milder rain tomorrow morning. Followed by showers in the afternoon. A high tomorrow sixty three degrees. WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty. Where the news watch never stops. Good morning. I'm Deb Lawler. Checking our top stories things get hot in Washington. The House Judiciary committee votes to hold attorney general William bar in contempt of congress woman suffers minor injuries when bricks fall on her while walking in Boston south end. The Celtics season is over they lost last night's game. Five to the box right SOX win and the Bruins face a hurricanes tonight at the garden game one of the Eastern Conference final Boston. Police staying tight-lipped about a man found dead in Dorchester WBZ's, Kim Tunnicliffe with the story at this point. It's being called a deck investigation. This neighbor reported hearing gunfire right before police got the call for a person shot here on Milton avenue. You heard gunshots. Going show police superintendent Paul Donovan says officers responded to a triple decker at sixty six Milton avenue. New. Inside seen adult male suffering from. Respondent declared the male non-viable on Donovan would not say what type of injuries the man sustained or whether they're searching for a suspect. He says it's all part of the investigation. Anyone with information is being asked to call police indoor Chester Kim Tunnicliffe WBZ. Boston's News Radio Boston. Mayor Marty Walsh is the city has worked to do. But the numbers on crime are headed in the right direction down part. One crime down nine percent. Violent crime down eleven percent property crime down nine percent. Total shooting victims on not not homicide shooting victims forty-three with down from three from this time last year homicides with a gun with down four nonfatal shootings were up one the mayor on WBZ's nightside with Dan Rae says the judicial system is in transition with a new Suffolk County district attorney on the job. Rachel Rawlins has directed assistant as to not prosecute.

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