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Andrew Brunson this afternoon shortly after his return to the US after being detained in Turkey for the last two years on allegations. He helped her groups from the Oval Office. Mr. Trump told the fifty year old North Carolina native fficials in his administration and in congress worked tirelessly to win his freedom so hard for you. Again, we've been negotiating wrong and hard. We do not fair ransom in this country Brunson asked God for quote supernatural wisdom for Mr. Trump thanking the president for really fighting for them. Power and cell phone service starting to be restored in parts of Florida storm battered, panhandle state emergency management officials reported today that nearly two hundred sixty five thousand customers remained without electricity. But eighty percent of cell phone service has been restored in the region. There are new details out coming out today about possible evidence regarding the disappearance of a Saudi journalist, a pro-government newspaper is reporting that Turkish officials have an audio recording of the alleged killing of journalist Jamal kashogi. The audio reportedly comes from Khashoggi's apple watch, which he was wearing when he walked into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul over a week ago. Turkish security officials have leaked information about the case through the SABA newspaper before it reports. Authorities have recovered the audio from kashogi iphone, and I cloud account the journalists had given his phones to his fiancee who was waiting outside the consulate when he disappeared. Meanwhile, the Saudi Interior Minister prince Abdulaziz bin so. Owed calls reports of official orders to kill kashogi baseless lies. Ben Thomas, Washington and LCS game to bottom of the eighth. Dodgers lead. The brewers four to three news and analysis townhall dot com. Ma'am. Welcome to state run gas. Well, could it do for you today? Please moron. How will you be paying cash? Checks credit make loans layaway layaway.

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