John Bolton, Mike Pence, Senate discussed on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell


Barbara reaction to that well again. I think it raises the question. If that is true that I agree with Rachel that that is an incredibly credibly significant event because it brings Mike Pence into this scheme. But I'd want to know a little more about it at number one. Did Mike Pence. No that was. The reason that his trip was cancelled. Is that in fact. The reason that his trip was cancelled if so it is very significant. But I think again what it demonstrates is it behooves the Senate to make this a real real trial to call witnesses to try to get to the bottom of what was really going on here. In fact it could even T- up a house investigation of Mike Pence. How for an impeachment of him? The witness that Mitt Romney says he wants to hear from is John Bolton. He doesn't specify others but he sounds like he's willing and to hear from others. Also there seems to be the most pressure on John Bolton as a possible witness that enough Republicans might agree to here. Let's listen to what love Parnasse Said tonight about John Bolton and as we listen to this let's consider how much this might add to Republican willingness to to hear from John Bolton as a witness in the Senate trial. Let's listen to this. I don't know exactly what Mr Bono but I know. Mr Bowl was definitely involved involved in the loop because of the firing of marie-yvonne also his interactions with Religiously they started butting heads and He was not agreeing. It was I mean from Venezuela to Ukraine Bolton didn't agree with Giuliani on the way of dealing dealing with it so there was tension. There there was there was definitely you believe he knows what the administration was pressuring Ukraine Tale.

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