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Decides that keep up the good work and never stop being you if you taking suggestions may i suggest george washington two thousand harlow and i'm almost positive i already read that review but that was cool i was just about to say you definitely said this exact thing to me you know what some you know it's so funny is i think i just read that again because of this one this one is definitely knew this is anthony king eleven hancock universe and then this guy says i for one m huge fan of james and and and one everything to be tied into him cock i recently rewatch the movie and i enjoyed it let's make this universe a reality people anthony king eleven is is that who it is yeah i appreciate you very much all right james you got hate us but you gotta love this man a good life and there's a okay i'll read this would this is cal eight seven nine five stars this person's from canada love your guys podcast ever since i founded i've been binge listening lol i jumped on from black panther i was looking forward to hear hearing some reviews on the movie from black voices and you guys gave me that and more i was also happy to see you guys did infinity war and i wish you guys decide to do more movies like these maybe make a separate category because i always love hearing input from fellow brothers need more of that but keep up the amazing work love your show thank you that was thank you all right well do we know we don't know where we're reviewing next week we've been doing these week by week we're keeping up on stuff that's good i don't think they're any films next week coming out with yeah i can't think of anything coming out we could also just again into.

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