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It is ten twenty at night do you think is a real texting me Hey these are good for you excellent news time for headlines in in the headlines for mind blowing news Steve all right to answer a question about the animals according to the CDC we do not have evidence to suggest that imported animals or animal products imported pose a risk for spreading the twenty nineteen novel coronavirus don't eat a fat yeah hello don't want to do that that would be well really I was young when you get the coronavirus we got to find that you see that yeah now you see now we may have demanded the purest thing sitting in a rehab somewhere that right remember the virus probably like it hi at risk groups with the Parkinson's what not take a half hour to open the childproof caps you don't even I can't open the gap the only bit the head off he didn't digest that that's what saved him there all the what do you do that easy does it Adam west time to get the bad right man man man man man I'm in a drivers robin.

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