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For example was a very good organizer everytime we went to a city and spoke and a lot of people don't notice about him and a big problem is A lot of people get this. Get their stuff from the autobiography by addicts haley and and the movie by spike. Lee didn't talk about a lot of the nuts and bolts of what malcolm x. but everywhere malcolm x. Left he left a mosque. He was very big into grassroots organizing and structural stuff so he created a lot of mosques whereas martin luther king didn't really after he left the city after protesting relieve anything behind and the internet nowadays. And all this stuff with variety is very very good at mobilizing. But it's not great at all is in organizing slow right and i think one problem that to add to what to add to what mario said another reason why i think the night attending doesn't work because people can't keep it together in my experience long enough to even make it to the point where They get what they want. Because because of the slow process though that ten percent ends up causing infighting vaunting apart before you cross the finish line you know with those alliances of convenience. You know like like ooh look like how in this this thing with danton. He couldn't stick around with zero population growth people because they weren't going on board with his hardline Immigration stuff like another reason that you just can't last very long in these Coalitions you might last long enough to mobilize but you're not gonna last long enough to actually organized and that's where you really cross the finish line. That's a great point. Yeah and you know in in a weird way you as you talking about max. Creating these lasting institutions that are then able to sustain struggle over time through the ebb and flow of Different mobilizations like tinton broke with other parts of the concentration is movement then created these institutions. That were able to endure. And then when the moment came they were ready in that moment took shape of trump trump trump campaign and trump administration. And i do agree for sure that we're on the left where in a moment of being able to mobilize people very quickly. But it's very reactive. It's very like own. Yeah it was always kind of in response to In response to one like immediate crisis or another and that's necessary like we have to. We have to be able to do that But it's always you know we're not being we're not able to to create like kind of crisis new able to create things on our own and create a crisis on our own terms because we haven't built up the kinds of institutions that that connects was was trying to and was ended Succeeded that to a certain. I'm going to tell you guys something It's hard to blame the left or or black radicals or immigration reform people or any of these people. It's hard to blame them for now. Organizing because i feel like one key part to organize things to make people feel like there's a real unifying Crisis you know That requires more than just just mobilizing. Because i think emotion and being reactive is not gonna be enough to keep you Active because you get tired you know. Even the george floyd thing like the outrage got kinda tiring kind of burnt itself out you to a degree And and really kind of woke me up to this..

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