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Don't remember if it's more than a year or two ago i remember zero leadership lessons i've ever been taught that were not told in the format of story none but the ones that are the most compelling the ones that i've lived my life by the ones that i that i try to lead people by the ones i've taken with me for a long time they were all told to me in the form of story yeah i think of how how storytelling is sowing grain dennis that that i don't even think we realize that sometimes so as you were talking i was thinking about like the interview process for a lot of organizations you know the vast majority of the questions that people ask in interviews is tell me about a time when win rights is literally tell me a story tell me tell me a story about how you did this you know we don't think about it that way but that's literally what those questions are yeah and even when we don't ask those types of tell me about a time wind questions when we ask questions that are like tell me about yourself or you know what what are the things that you're passionate about inter outside of work you know why do you why why do you feel you align with his job at this organization those are all questions where the best thing to do is tell a story in in provided a beginning a middle in an end in into your point of about you know kind of lying to your parents i i always suggest the same thing as like details matter names matter if you're going to tell somebody about the work that you're doing when you add names to it it becomes a lot more believable and it becomes a lot more real i can say yeah i've i've got a peer of my that i've worked with and i did such and such and such with them and i role modeled this and i helped them with that develop with this and they've become better or i can say absolutely let me tell you about my friend chris chris.

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