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Not divine eating may digital's find their way into the hands of vantage. I don't i can see nothing. They walk the system. Were all this holiday. Talk sooner. Now pip our walk then follow. Sign them but not the opposite. They did you okay. So we don't see a who will foster reduce that now i tell you now. Now there's something they increase since don't realize these discontinuities before now dissident. This is where he happened online hop on your show right now for this country everything is possible routine is possible because there's motto daddy inside the car say that i deal with one and somebody will come for us. The million side is enough for my site and he called the common. Why are you will give me home. Dread nara civilian from anti now two hundred fifty eight legged tried to like now so now ninety guy looked back xuemei frank career like this morning obama forum the yes who saw donald on the countdown name. Calm down because the guy. The provoke provoke ritual pocket completes diamanti foreign. You know that this guy did come down from cintas. Carrie buck comedown. Deschutes raise to twenty four becca data for trouser. Like gone down whether or not going to be. No you william my the quantum mickey for no remorse all economic model. Close call reason argues on dress. Honda nazi cnbc story. Your arm for here. I bought this was pasture points. Igwe possible is what is the police nobler anything but make me me me like this. Pokhara my bud. If you're it wasn't a defense. I beat no humbles. You initially lots you carry. Arms defaced number. Foresee myself now look. Now what did we find ourself for this country. That's see us. Particular set of people opposed to get defense director. False sign about the no show. We don't see from point number six point two one two six point four say country. Now don't feel and remember. We see political power from the people. I must be controlled by. The people aren't traditional power. Give you by call now. I bet right and must be enforced by the people now the digital people measuring amick. Were talk to talk to us. Okay talk to me now. What do we do from all these. Stick for points where we take. We don't discover see now. You got government wakayama for here with our taxpayers money. Pay all or the allowances for travelling out of this country. Not that's office has twenty recovery or return of stolen assets incur. Good we listen. We don't do yes. I lewd something yesterday. Unusual right mizzou. Sally said i heard what the good battery tunnel about. I'll loop. I did do a bunch on all the little. We say that the rates on my brother was a butter. The borough one year a game abacha's moot dino lustily setina hype no weights. Fcc recovery stillie assets you house. What did i do in house. Well he found the house discovering dulles. I'm bruce i'm bones lobby. That's done with the talk with all this recovery was did their board new. Okay boehner with conti all member finra before this country that we're paying with my pal shifting might tell you which keep them minnesota are what dipped will keep rising as long as our revenue is falling. Okay you can get on for business news later but more of its go your we litter multiple regret. Nubia this name for me for me With delaying me. We're gonna go. Listen directly the. I'm from inform me radio online number one online radio station for the here. I'm life direct without attrition missing with chemicals to make sure your mind or whatever goal is to make sure you say the teen be. Eds this okay. Now in all of this we don't see him. Now say people decree ams costante killing and so the amount talks. It does come here mick. We stop this attack duly call. Tell us call watch now for for immigrants did they say call presidency. The nazi call chief of staff or call issue for defense dot sitcom presidency. no which is about dc. Make we know. Come out then. Eventually they don't delete the the the governor contact say yes. Oh now four hours was keep me or who'd just to make sure that will feed me talk to mr president and eventually tell us with mr president taylor and virtually comb out the county. Shoot you to win folks it. They won't go do that and they used to. Do you remember if you live on lucy after twenty one passengers when they kill on the attack. We're happened for just not deal with people these sudarsono come on the poor shoot people now. Some of them now among them. I now that the recruits join us that they go through all of four sochi. No i among the whole mutt. We can't shake what could find out the yesterday near you. You see we read them. Say the emma or soccer talk see whenever the head of islamic body for nigeria talks. Make any body. Talks in will do reside bay for sodexo will not become go. Look for who do this work. I want me. You look at the tone of voice to deduc- they give instruction and to those when it detects making a go find out who this e-voting now what do not go for re re appraiser replays amid say you go meet pacer winning. Do you bad you doin back. Which means you know. Those people went to be nowadays. Stop them say you give them doesn't make any body neutral dame and no a lot of property when they destroy in that just attack you realize when they don't take an hour dislikes now they talk about here now. Assets recovery recover. Acpc cash house. That don't confiscate dizzy. Army jewelries of our many almost won't trillionaire no. According to the discovery we know what other the hype or whatever for one passing. I set on jewelries and yesterday.

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