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Up next. The breakdown of Brian Lewis's relationship with Hayley Jones and how social media may have caused a murder listeners? I'm excited to announce that crime junkies Ashley. Flowers has a new podcast original series. I think you'll really enjoy. It's called supernatural with Ashley. Flowers and you can find brand new episodes every Wednesday. We all know that most mysteries can be solved by looking at the facts but sometimes the facts don't lead to a logical explanation and the truth lies somewhere in the unknown in supernatural with Ashley. Flowers Ashley takes a deep dive into the strange and surreal to explain some of the world's most bizarre true crime occurrences each week. She'll dig into a different crime or mystery where the most fitting theory isn't always the most conventional from exorcisms to unsolved murders to alien abductions. Ashley will take on. The tails challenged the unexplained and dissect the facts with a heavy helping of skepticism and rationale. So are you ready to get to the bottom of history's most peculiar events? Follow supernatural with Ashley. Flowers free on spotify. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Now back to the story thirteen years before her murder on March thirteenth. Two Thousand Nine Haley Jones. I met the man who would kill her. It was a beautiful day at the county fair. Haley was thirteen and wide eyed. Brian was eighteen. Cool and popular. Despite the age gap their friends said they were well-matched psychologist. Adrian see a Mantilla said. Brian always only had eyes for Hailey and Hailey thought Bryan was the love of her life. Two years later she was pregnant. They moved in together thrilled to start a family. Bryant got a good job working on the railway and Haley stayed home with the baby over the next eight years. They had three more children bought a house and built a life. They never legally married but they didn't need to. They were happy.

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