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Powered by maximus. Moving people and technology forward. George Wallace, what you got? Well, we've got Sean mcvay staying with the LA rams. He will remain the head coach, lots of speculation. If he was going to step aside at the end of the season, news conference that he would take is the appropriate time to make a decision, seems he's done that. Rams coming off of 5 and 12 season mcvay's worst in hired back in 2017. They won the Super Bowl last year and he signed a contract extension that runs through the 2026 season, but and he thought about maybe he was going to walk away, but he is informed the rams that he will be back. And this week he was telling his coaches to go look for jobs. You were free to go look for other jobs. Oh my gosh. So he's made a decision, and he's going to stay with the rams. Super wild card weekend is upon us. It's a games tomorrow Sunday and Monday night, no Lamar Jackson for the ravens. We know that tua is out. It's gonna be Skyler Thompson, quarterback Mike Williams, the Chargers, the whiteout, has a fracture in his back. He will not play as it's time for some football. Closer to home, Jeremy Reeves selected first team all pro by the AP. Commander's safety and special team are also making his first Pro Bowl appearance this year. He's had a heck of a season. Jim Caldwell reportedly saying thanks, but no thanks to Washington about the offensive coordinator position, wants to focus on head coaching jobs so he will not entertain the thought of being an offensive coordinator right now with the commanders. Wizard has faced the Knicks tonight, Bradley Beal, we know has been cleared to resume activities. Don't think he's gonna play this evening, baseball, Juan Soto and the Padres avoid arbitration, a one year $23 million, got a couple more years on the next year's arbitration eligible as well. He went from 8 to 17 to 23 million, and Andrew McCutchen, who won the MVP with the pirates back in 2013, will sign a one year deal in Pittsburgh, George Wallace Wilbur sports. All right, George, thanks. It's four 47. A locally owned black business that specializes in spices has opened its second location today. Man, it's a new space in langdon park. It will soon be an entire marketplace aimed at promoting black women. Right now, it's

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