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About five fifteen in the morning. Brian calms is here. Somebody stole a cop car. Yeah. Lady who covered a whole lot of ground overnight in the tri-state. It's the second time in the past week. We've had a case where somebody took off in a police car had the case in Middletown about a week ago where the guy took the car and then rand another police carlene office in this case woman, stole a forest park police cruiser and then went on a wild chase overnight at some point. She was in Kentucky. Chase ended up in southeast Indiana. They say the police car was locked it's not clear at this point house. She got into the car to take off. And the woman was driving all over town. Like, I said it started at Ford park at one point she was spotted on to seventy five near Kellogg, drove into Kentucky where Boone county police. The stolen cruiser tried to pull her over. She wouldn't stop took off westbound seventy five past the airport ended up in Indiana after going over the bridge there. So she covered three states overnight. There are couple of a chase the whole time not all the gotta way they've spotted her. And then somebody else picked it up. And eventually they put stop sticks down a couple of times when they were truly chasing her from northern Kentucky all the way around to seventy five into Indiana. Apparently when she got Indian the in into Indiana strove off the road into a ditch. She was arrested and taken the hospital treated for minor injuries. Don't know her name yet. She'll be in Campbell county jail as soon as she gets the hospital. I guess the lights weren't going because you couldn't lose it. If the lights were. I don't think she had him on. Or maybe she didn't know how to turn them on. It was a twenty twelve Chevy Tahoe. Apparently. It's in one piece even though she drove it off the road. Do we know it's part of the traffic? Stop or I'm not sure at the jail or the forest park police station and was going to be booked for something and took off and managed to get into a car and go. So maybe she grabs him keys were sitting on the desk or something. We'll find out I guess as as as the morning goes you needed arrived. Obviously she wanted out of their coming up on our news at five thirty. This is the day that five members of Cincinnati city council. Head court. Myth that they broke the law by violating the open meetings law and Ohio. We'll have more fifteen minutes. News Radio seven. All right. Here's your headline of the day. Utah lawmakers vote to legalize fornication. Up until now, a one thousand dollar fine sex between unmarried people one thousand dollars. Now, they say they haven't enforced it in years. I'm curious what year was it? Nineteen ninety seven. When was the last person who was charged with that to the times they are changing in Utah? The legislature has legalized sex between married people the vote was forty one thirty two so kind to close the state house approved the Senate Bill forty-three repeals the offensive fornication under the state's criminal code one. Occasion is currently a class b misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in jail and a fine a one thousand dollars. They're like I said police and prosecutors said they haven't enforced it for years. Bill goes to the governor's desk. You'll either sign it or veto. It opponents include the GOP rep Kevin Stratton. What does legally said is often far below what's morally, right? I recognize our laws are not strong enough to rule and immoral people. So we had thirty two reps who is Senate members. I guess they were opposed to that. That's a lot of opposition. Then again, they're more concerned about the reelection than the way they actually feel. We know that it's about five nineteen and check sports what happened. The reds had win. Yes. They did. Three run Homer to three run home last night. But segue have the sports is the Hebel Jacob forecast and get well, not traffic yet. But Jay Ratliff traveling today. He's got the update. Hey, alexa. What do I need to know getting seven hundred w w from iheartradio..

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