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Case of army second lieutenant Richard Collins an African American student who was killed by a white man Collins is father Rick on why he's lobbying lawmakers in Annapolis for the change it's the thing that we all to our son's legacy delegate CT Wilson vowed to close what he says is a loophole in existing law we will get this fixed we were ensure that each and every person understands that we are better than in Annapolis Kate Ryan WTOP news to graduates of northwest high school in Germantown or found murdered over the weekend in southern Virginia state police say they found the pair's remains outside a wrecked car would you feel these Kristy king on what we know so far police aren't saying how they were murdered only that the bodies of the northwest high grounds were found in the median of a dark isolated road lying on the ground outside a silver two thousand nine Nissan maxima the car was found early last Saturday morning wrecked on route fifty eight between South Boston Virginia and to Danville Virginia which isn't far from the North Carolina border I ana Martin's Griffin of Germantown was nineteen twenty one year old Joel beyond a lived in Alexandria Virginia state police say anonymous calls with information are welcome Kristy king WTOP news final voting under way in New Hampshire a lot of polls have closed some operate until eight we'll have a preview from The Washington Post get a fifty nine dollar precision furnace tune up by calling eight hundred nine four eight my brother can weather on the aids and when it breaks in prince George's county on route four ten East West highway twenty Third Avenue there is an accident there and that is causing some pretty major delays in both directions on for ten East West highway and north of Baltimore Washington parkway is quite slow getting to a point before for ten may have an incident there at least attracting attention if nothing else and on route four Pennsylvania Avenue south bound near route for and Richie marble road there is a crash and I believe the up the ramp from Richie marble the south bound for closed as a result of that still some volume delays on the interludes were Bethesda and Silver Spring two seventy north briefly slow getting up past Montgomery village up the middle fork road enough beyond that toward Clarksburg on I seventy near route ninety seven had word of an incident there possibly a crash involving a bus and in Virginia so about three ninety five still heavy and slow getting to landmark but the broken down truck that was there from most most of the rush hour if not all of it was cleared all lanes are now open George Washington parkway northbound before the bell weather crashes been along the right side and on wax pull road west bound just after twenty eight but before Pacific Boulevard the crash in the center of the roadway we donation is extending its free windows sale get two free windows with every to you by plus free financing for twelve full months no money down and no payments for year window nation dot com popular WTOP traffic for the most part we're done with the rain for the rest of today but some patchy fog in spots out there through the evening hours mostly cloudy skies tonight with lows in the thirties to around forty.

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