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Interstate ninety across no kwami pass ended his promise shortly after sunrise this morning komo's corwin hake reports on the surprising conditions that forced the closure seemingly out of nowhere easter sunday travel was complicated by a sudden winter storm the state patrol tried to keep snoqualmie pass open for holiday travelers but the snow just kept on falling and it was rather sudden especially with the volume of snow has come down state patrol sergeant david porter says troopers responded to more than twenty spinouts and rollovers one of them fatal a pregnant woman from moses lake was killed three other family members were hurt unable to offer a safe crossing the state transportation department and the state patrol shut down the paths both directions from north bend to ellensburg the past reopened at eight am in northbound corwin hake komo news and restrictions do remain in place for crossing the past chains required unless you have an all wheel drive we'll things can give pretty lonely between the eastern washington towns of dusty and dodge geo tabah canadian company specialized specializing in fleet management and vehicle tracking says i weigh one twentyseven which runs between the two towns is the loneliest road in the state according to the spokesman review the company who's traffic counts from two thousand and fifteen to rank the roads komo news time four thirty four here's marina watching the roads as our aaa traffic it's going to be slow northbound i five from the boeing freeway past highway two northbound i five heavy from five twenty into shoreline northbound four zero five really struggling now from just north of five twenty through kirkland and all the way into bothell part of me bothell southbound i five is slow from northgate into downtown seattle we also have slowdowns southbound i five from highway eighteen into the five curve and southbound one six seven really struggling from aldona into sumner and we did have a problem in renton it looks like it's cleared out of the roadway was highway five fifteen otherwise known as talbot both directions near one eighty six they did manage to clear that crash this look at traffic brought to you by layla resort and casino discover the gaming power of one earn points and rewards at all three of your favorite casinos find all the details at today the casino dot com next komo traffic at.

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