NFC, John, Ali Moreno discussed on ESPN FC - Romelu Lukaku signs with Manchester United


What is it a should have asked the nfc i'm dance honest john her on the couch ivanka his the ali moreno on that pole marron ironic lakeside we'll be with us shortly later on in the program alexis noon as well as she quite literally made a splash in the week it's gone viral should we telling us more votes vote getting pushed in the pool fanatics were joined by adrian haley who is our side manchester united team hotel in la of course eight it was made official today wasn't at rome will lulu calculates is addition to the manchester united squad and you're is first training session indeed jan as you start standing right outside the montage hotel here in swanky beverly hills the players inside as we speak resting up but getting ready for session number two of the day yes it's true days to stop things offered josie marini on the h2 we were there to see romolo lukaku emerge for the first time officially as a manchester united player seventy five million pounds he's looking forward to playing in front of seventy five thousand at old trafford and there was properly i don't know thirty people at the same how come out at ucla drake stadium the sporting little bit of a low key stop him probably wouldn't have wanted to any of away wearing the red paper right from the start fitted writein playing in a group alongside his good friend pol pot and being put through their paces early on was atlas fail i always say murray is hunker twelve lungs now to work with the same preseason laucius angry for the problems this one of its new phone.

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