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I don't care how you wanna bless others. I want my son to be well. And i think god in his grace helps us to take one day at a time At i think through his spirit and through his word he gives us this. Little nuggets of a reassurance. Along the way. I've got an entire chapter in the book about well. Meaning people who do great damage you know and Jobs friends are are a perfect example of that. I think they were well. Meaning at least they walked in when everyone else walked out of jobs. Live But yet they did great damage and we experienced that you know if i heard once i heard a thousand times. God won't put more on you. Then you can bear with well. That's just not true biblically. that's nonsense. That is what. I call hallmark christianity. And there's just no truth to it the The only way you can know that god is your burden. Bear is for him to put more on you than you can bear so that he can bear it for pre And so You know. I think god just kind of shows you trues like that even through misguided people who are trying to help but really. It's discouraging and i tell you stories like that in the book actually started feeling sorry for others who were who felt. Sorry for me and we're trying to help me. Because they were so out of touch with who god is and how god works in a weird way. That just kept me going. Hey there is a reward here In persevering through this and that encouraged me along the way. Steve feel like there were like you shared the little. You know the moment where that person sent you the scripture but were there moments all throughout that time where you were like wow. I'm i feel god like though. He seems so far there. Were moments like that where he showed himself. And i just yeah. I think sometimes. It's really hard to connect and i'd be curious like how how you how you connected with god when it probably felt like he was far at times. Yeah there there are lots of examples of that and he used a number of means you know a lot of times. It was reading the scripture. Obviously i think that's the the clearest way god speaks god spoke to be through uh others he spoke to my prayer life I'll give you two examples one One day i was praying for carson's healing.

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