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Person here and I know this text is a joke because he flat out tells me he's choking he says are you excited for raw reunion to be better than Moxie versus a she and Osprey versus Okada combined if not you're an A. W. Japan Schill and hate the W._w._e.. Well it's funny. You should mention that I talked about this yesterday on the Brian Vinnie show I watched so many G. One matches is over the last couple of days and they were all so good and I am in fact a wrestling fan and so I have to say that when I was done watching those g one matches even though like I know I know like match quality wise is there is not one thing on raw reunion. There's going to be as good as any of the matches that I watched in the g one this weekend and that's not bad because we're talking to g one tournament versus just your average Russia which is designed to be a special show with a bunch of people showing up but even though I know like none of the matches are going to be as good. I just excited for reunion tonight. I'm excited to see who shows up. I'm excited to see what they do. I'm excited to see who- on on this list is going to end up the me twenty four seven champion how many of these people will end up to twenty four seven champions. wikipedia is updated tomorrow with new championship reigns for so many of these people. I'm I'm just is filled with excitement Mike. Are you ready for the reunion. Sorry just reconnected back on here at some technical difficulties. I needed to take care of so what we're talking about. Are you excited for the reunion tonight. No not what not after a weekend of g one matches this is how we're going to start with the forty people that are coming back to raw tonight after the rousing celebration that they had when they all came back the last time at the Hammerstein Ballroom um which kind of ended on a relatively flat note. I thought no. I'm not excited about seeing everybody back. It's going to be good for some sight gags and everything that's great except for I just we've seen this before and I know the why they're going. I'm back to the well I get it and they're going to be people that are going to be really happy to see all standing there together and it will be nice to see John Cena back. It will be nice to see stone cold and some of the people that you don't see all the time but you know a again. We've danced this dance a lot. I saw these guys in their prime. I saw a lot of them before their prime. I'm so old I saw Steve Austin Russell Chris Adams Steve Williams when he was on the come up and Berl class so again. It's nothing against any of these guys. It's nothing even against. The concept except it's a very tired one and unless they do something really surprising like and they're not leave every single legend laying in leave their entire roster standing there with like one guy that is you know the the focal point of the show what's going to be this is going to be a replay of every other thing they do. Allies is probably going to get kicked laid out. I mean rents wash repeat. We've seen the same thing over and over again so if they have a surprise for me that's that's awesome. That's great fantastic mystic otherwise no. I'm really actually not looking forward to three hours of raw tonight. Even bringing those guys back sorry I cannot wait. Here are the forty men who are going to be appearing tonight. I would predict ten of these men. Enter women become the new deputy twenty four seven champion and in fact if horns fogle does not become the W._B._Z. Twenty four seven champion. I don't even know what to say. I'll be really upset tomorrow. Actually I won't even be here tomorrow so be so upset. I won't even do the show triple h John Sina Molina. Yes everyone Melina is back for the night. Jillian Hall is back. Eve Torres a longtime favorite of mine. Jonathan Coachman is back watched them put him on commentary Caitlyn Felicia Fox what I'm so excited Candice Michelle Stone Cold Old Steve Austin. There's gotta be a stunner spot. Involving Kevin's Hulk Hogan is going to be back everyone. I cannot wait to hear the reaction for Hulk Hogan. Ric flair is going to be there Shawn Michaels Razor Ramon Moan Dear God Razor Ramon going to be back Kevin Nash Aka Diesel Kurt Angle's going to be there sargent slaughter Christian. The Million Dollar Man Ted B._B._C.. They better play his music. That's all I care about. The Eric Bischoff is going to show his shiny happy face on the show tonight. The boogeyman will eat worms. Jimmy Hart is going to be there. The Hurricane Santino is back my God they'll get one more viewer tonight. My wife who actually won't be watching the show under any circumstances Jerry King Lawler d von Dudley Devon deadliest back Booker T. X. Puck Mark Henry Mick Foley Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco. If they don't win the twenty four seven title they've Lost Sir Minds Lilian Garcia a London blaze Kelli Kelli Ricky She Ron Simmons the Godfather the road dog and I swear to God returning attorney tonight on raw one of the elite members of the brain of any hall of Awesome Sid Returns to the show tonight provided. There's not a softball game. How can you not be excited about this? Lineup apparently very easily about that was a rhetorical question. I already talked about it Brian so you might want you opened up to the calls and see what they think about it because I'm sure again people are going to be. I'm sure very happy about this and considering some of the W._W._e.. Fair especially on aw especially last week that they've been given they are going to be relatively happy about this. I think the question that you may want to pose is that's a lot more interesting is come next week. Is Anything going to be moved forward by. Having all of these guys is back tonight because unless that's going to happen it's really a fruitless conversation I mean how can you not bring back all of those names all of those caller for push personalities and not have some excitement for it if you are a wrestling fan. It's just if if that's what we're talking about. It's going to be really easy show but I think the better question is what gets move forward by having these people on better shoot an angle tonight's what they better do all right. Let's go to the phones. You're on the air. What's up hello? Hello don't start this again. You're on the air. What's going on for Christ's sake? How many days have been back like zero? Everyone let me explain this quickly eight four four four eleven five four eleven when you call just hang out when I say you're on the air speak otherwise don't bother calling is down there and text messages for you there. Yes Saddam there. I don't you run some calls through the byline. 'cause I got this. The the byline is is it's. I got this trust me. Watch this caller. You're on the air what's going on. This is Jack in Montana. Could that yes you. Did you see the John Pollock tweet <hes>. Can you tell me about your. I'll just read you a <hes>. It'd be helped Ron's on Seth Ron's on summer sound Flam conference call Moxie to age the I was surprised by I knew ambrose time away from W._w.. W now he's competition and trying to take dinner off my table and good don him eighty w we are going to knock them dead just like we do everyone else. That's all the tweet says Dude I. I gotta say this okay like one of the most entertaining things about the summer of Twenty nineteen has been Seth Rollins is W._W._e.. Spokesman I mean it's just the best I mean yes his friend. Jon Moxley is now competition is part of the competition okay but like I hate that phrase taken food off my family's table Dean Ambrose Saint taken one bite of food of Seth Breath rollins tail. Are you kidding me. Seth rollins family has twice as much food now that there's competition than they did before because everybody who's deal is up is being offered twice as much money as they were making before so he ate take it any food of anybody's table. I like sports stars Seth rollins because that's how we saw defended the company talking about the you know the team in the way that he's been doing as Nice Nice turn although and we can thank we'll all spray for this while I was pretty not only starting that but also starting it up with Randy Orton on twitter overnight which was very very entertaining as well. I know I know that he's saying what he needs to say. I do know this as well. Though Seth Rollins is a company guy he loves W._W._E.. Obviously in a great position but it's ridiculous it is one of my favorite things is summer back in a moment ever.

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