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Can't disclose i'll go i'll tell you why because there's lots of competition i call it my competition though i'm game paid server operas look at rotator nillion ju get pay i don't get anywhere near the no no no no you believe what you'd be surprised at how little money we make we're looking away from the arenas point fall behind is at the moment uh car parking lots to wolves a small group of people houghton's underneath a tree to keep out of the fierce sun which are the protest us hello i'm d buckey i'm from the bbc on what are you doing here now that everywhere the circus travels it meets people like john dileonardo opposed to any animals in the circus disick john the assistant manager of animals in entertainment that peter people for the ethical treatment of animals he's dedicated his life to fighting for animal right floods it's a big moment so you've got a whole pile of posters and banners you're that you're gonna hold up um whereas people go into the final show what are these say fears cajun beaten for your entertainment boycott the circus since the ghriba tiger tiger ju whose tiger this is this tiger in particular it doesn't matter who is tiger this is people should not be confining animals no matter who they are and abusing them for entertainment so which who who amongst you have been.

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