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And i encourage apple users to say listen guys this isn't working this is a problem here yep as the only way change happens with that said paul time i change he got a leaf i'm really excited about that you have leading to go to we are evident that conversation this was a good show actually i think i need to get so i i will of this prep if future here by saying i have an article in the works that's about how how and why gogel's going to destroy apple and its related to what we were just talking about so i should have that up some time the next day or two but the gugel has huge advantages over apple and there the our advantages that apple cannot overcome and it was on full display at this week's event so there's nothing they can do apples just this big fat happy target and they're just going to wallow when it and the so lot of phones and stuff and whatever they'll continue but i think the excitement has moved on abso i 100 percent agree with it w we'll continue this again we're gonna take a little break from this subject for for a week but obviously senator your feedback you can email us you could tweet us i love hearing from you guys and what's your reaction because you the viewers are the ones buying the products so i want to hear from you you follow paul on twitter at the rock you can follow me at andrews air in what the tech g fq on twitter as well you could subscribe to the podcast were everywhere podcasts available and i encourage you subscribe audio and video were whatever device iran you can subscribe on that and support us unpatriotic patrono com slash what the attack paul's going to go but i'm gonna stick around for another ten fifteen minutes and hang out with the guys and talk about some more technology stuff i want to talk a little bit more in detail but what i'm using them why musing it and that's it for this week they care.

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