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Don't have the find guys up front it get it done now one smith limit lee strike that from the rice export guy i don't even want to let's go back in time of said it was very disrepair terrible disrespectful i apologise to all right if it wanted for forgiveness flaco dumped at all for the coil moreover the neighbors size other crowd reacts big man nick boil with laurence timmons try to bring him down boil with the fake and he hurdles kiko alonzo on the play oil though was big enough to be an offeth llamas we'll talk about him do the great play catches the ball having kiko while the smart thing you see a big man bakhtar the governments go loath knock is pins out from underneath them boiled is does a little giddy up hopped right over one of the more exciting sixyard pass boys you're going to have this susan second and flaco play fake gun put off its foil again nick loyal the catch boil takes it across midfield it'll forty nine on the near sodden it's good enough for a first out tackled by jordan's phillips but the flak old oil could actually is working knowing fake run action to the left the boyle to it's almost like a tied in sri he gets who center out there brian jensen leading the way embroiled his sneaks right this yard past the line of scrimmage flaco gets a tool and picks up the first down flaco is eight of eleven good for sixty one yards ravens are on the move again hand off to the far side alex college tries to pick it opening and nothing ever developed as collins's brought down of the line of scrimmage for no gain for years by criticism of the ravens offense and marta border were i think a good coach puts you get the first down your you know all the forty nine in positive territory this is will you take a shot threats the fieldboots right now everything i a news every task is within five yards and the god i mean the success they had was the deep shot to macklin do it again flaco lowest yards per attempt the nfl five perent three head off the college doubting to their side collins chicken big moved to the forty thirty five bodies levelled out of bounds alex colin showing off the.

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