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Now when you get to the division, Siri's The Padre Stadium and Dodger Stadium will be used for the American League. The National League Division series will be played in the American League parts in Texas Globe Life Field and Arlington and minute mate. And Houston NLCS will be at Globe Life Park in Arlington. C s will be At Petco in San Diego. There will be no. And I think this was very interesting guys. There will be no off days for the division, Siri's and the L. C. S. Which will put stress on the pitching staffs. So how about fans? We're not bringing the fans back. Sands fans, family and friends will be ah, part of the Major League baseball bubble. No fans. If you were better today, and you're standing in front of the window. You could bet the Dodgers of the Padres. Who you gonna bet. Not because I like to think I'm Michael Padres. Oh, like what I'm seeing from the trees. Come on, Recency buys you. Why do you like to tip me with these proclamations knowing I don't gamble, but I like to take people's money when they wave it in front of my face, But I didn't do this. By the way. We need to rekindle our chief's bet because my buddy Jay Kornegay was driving around, He said. I was listening to you guys. He He was under the bay Area life. No. J says that ah, that you know he you know he they don't have this bet at the Vegas you know, in Vegas at the sports book that he runs, But he basically said that you know if we were going to go on wager on that, like we should He said The correct odds would be minus 501 to 5 on the field and the the Chiefs would be plus 400. Which would be 4 to 1. So Tommy close Tommy. Tommy said what?.

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