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Two two two five two two two coming up later on in the program we're gonna talk to lose small dino who is the nephew of lena law bianca and also spoke at thursday's parole hearing he's going to react to the death of manson family leader charlie manson you know speaking a jab lab for twenty five twenty 20something years twenty one me and being very very close to her their her and her daughter family to me she said john i said are you believed in she said ooh somewhat while they're still a bunch of them yet her alive and she concert coming up for parole battles you know the truth is charlie stopped being deb years ago for his parole he just even stopped going to his on parole hearings because he knew the possibility of him getting out was nepal an extra zero so he stopped going so you know we fight the on fight and and uh i've i've faced a many of these murderous with dab appro hearings and with lou small dino and i've spoken on behalf of liu small dino this last time around the tex watson uh such an honour for me to do so but but the bottom line is the people that actually put the knives into these victims that actually plunged the knives are still alive his funny always manson name but these murderers than tex watson uh cedi in and and a clam and bruce davison certainly patricia krenwinkle and leslie van houten is now just been paroled other ones that plunged the knives luggage fuddy charlie knew that he would never be let out but the rest of abreu team league voted to be released the vote every time there out of them right and that goes to the governor so that governor has the ultimate say has the fact and i will give you a weird wow they're just showing in on the news the showing a rosemary labianca i will give you a weird sort of unknown fact about the murderers charles manson did not go to sharon's house that night he had been there before because he was a frustrated musician uh he knew dennis wilson of the beach boys and dennis was friends with doris days son terry melchor who happen to live in the house with his then wife candice bergen so charles manson do the layout of the house he had been there he went there one day.

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