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One fellow inmate who definitely knew Hoffa was a guy named Tony Provenzano. He was doing for years for extortion. Yeah he was a member of the genovese crime. Family Capo and HOFFA provenzano. Where at one time very close friends? They were allies historian. Scott Bernstein Clean Hoffa help Tony Provenzano rise the ranks of the teamsters on the east coast by the Mid to late nineteen sixties. He controlled the entire East Coast. Delegate Voting Block at some point a few develops between Provenzano and Hoffa in prison over uh teamsters insurance benefits that Hoffa's family was still receiving with him locked up that Provenzano's family was not receiving when he was incarcerated and this led to a number of physical altercations threats being thrown back and forth Not just threats to murder each other but threats to murder each other's families it got incredibly bitter incredibly intense very fast one thing. Jimmy Hoffa never lack confidence whether it was dealing with guys like Tony Provenzano or the prisoners. Parole Board. He believed he could cut a deal to get out of prison early. And take back the power of the Union presidency that he had lost but after four the years he was still there and Frank Fitzsimmons had become a popular hands-off replacement but HOFFA remained convinced. He could get his job back. His son and daughter made an appeal for parole based on family. Hardship Hoffa had diabetes and his wife Josephine was hospitalized after a stroke express the families viewpoints are very serious concern for my mother the doctor his said that she could die any moment and she is in very very serious condition. She is under constant care and she loves my father very much and when you separated them this was a very eh to her. Health.

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