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Cooler, today AccuWeather says maybe a sprinkle this afternoon lowering humidity and that's the good news the high in the mid seventies patchy clouds tonight and comfortable lows. In the fifties and few of the western suburbs. Middle sixties lakefront and a nice couple of days coming up partly sunny and pleasant tomorrow high of seventy five clouds and sun Friday a high of eighty to seventy three degrees of both airports right now seventy two and Romeo Ville sixty eight lakefront On Wall Street today the Dow industrials gained sixty points the NASDAQ up eighty and the s. and p. five hundred up sixteen WBZ news time three Our top story this hour is the. Public period of mourning in Arizona for a lawmaker one person said was as much a part of the state as the Grand Canyon An honor. Guard Kerry. John McCain's casket into Arizona's ceremonial state capitol building this morning he's lying, in state there as part of a nationwide series of events to culminate with his funeral this weekend we'll have much more on the story coming up. At three thirty one an Indiana man pleaded not guilty today to charges in the drowning deaths last week of his two sons. In the kankakee river thirty four year old Erica Patillo was charged with two. Counts, of neglect of independent resulting, in death for your old Levi Patillo and two year old Evan Patillo were unresponsive when, they were, pulled from the river on August twenty first the Gary post Tribune reports Eric Patillo admitted to using. Heroin and THC the day after governor Rauner signed into law a measure allowing patients to exchange opioid, prescriptions for cannabis medical marijuana company. Is taking its. Message to the streets as soon as December patients will be able to go to marijuana dispensaries to get their pain medication prescriptions filled instead of getting opioid Joe. Bianco president of cresco lab says twenty two hundred people died of opioid, overdoses in Illinois last year alone but we think it's an alternative for a lot of people to not go down that path and fall into the. Trap of opiates Nick was among those who checked out a vending machine cresco put out in.

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