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I'm Cooper Rummell. Plus consumer watchdog is giving a thumbs down to California's new insurance Commissioner, I'm Brian paying and the navy officer gets almost a ten years CIRM in prison. I'm Mark Austin Thomas these stories plus traffic every ten minutes on the fives coming up in five minutes. Right after CBS news covers the world. It's four o'clock. CBS news on the hour. Real news real reporting. I'm Deborah Rodriguez. The Trump administration wants to expand the conscience rule for healthcare workers. President Trump making the announcement on national prayer day other. We're building a culture that you're shes the dignity and worth of human life every child born and unborn is a sacred gift from God new rules would protect doctors and nurses who refuse to participate in certain procedures on religious grounds. City of San Francisco has already filed a lawsuit politicos Daniel Lipman says it may not get far as long as chunk and say look what I'm trying to do to help people who don't want to provide any services like abortion or sister suicide he can blame the courts for any obstruction of what he's trying to do. Opponents argue it would undermine access to birth control and HIV treatment tensions arising. Again, between House Democrats on the White House post mother reports the president tells Fox News he will not let former White House counsel, Don Mcgann, testified to congress. I don't think I can let him and then tell everybody else you can't because especially because he was a council. So they've testified for many hours all of them. I would say it's done house. Democrats are threatening to hold attorney general William barring contempt for his no show at a committee hearing yesterday a major victory in the fight against aids. Belive to CBS's, Gary non British medical researchers see an end to the pedantic results of new study just conclude that if everyone who is HIV positive reform treated with antiviral drugs, and who's infection is fully suppressed will be no further infections, if you positive neurons suppressive treatment than you sexually known infectious study co-leader Alison Roger of University College London says the findings provide conclusive evidence for gay men that the risk of HIV transmission is virtually zero Devon trusted adult proves anything. But in. Iowa. Now, he's been sentenced to life in prison. Casey TV's Todd Megan from demoing Stephen admitted sexually exploiting hundreds of young boys. While he was there basketball coach federal court documents that he secretly recorded players while they were naked trick them into sending sexually explicit pictures. And photographed himself touching the players while they were sleeping Star Wars fans. Say goodbye to a furry favorite.

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