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Shining. where the ground wasn't exactly ideal. Yeah I read I get this. Geldings to be honest and not allowing outings and Sassoon races because. Of course, I appreciate the breeding fling view and the future racing is dependent on having tops alliens to pass on their ability to feature generations. But if you'll can't be outing, they're surely not worth their top credentials that anyway and you want your cell into the best of the best, and if they can't beach regardless of whether or not, they're a gelding than simply. Aren't the best of the best. So by running them against each other, I think you can actually if anything you all such colts performances because they all then the undisputed champion Robin saying Oh he's just be in a mediocre bunch of Kotze and having that caveat but the heads bill my so I understand not why they do it here and we're very traditional post but. You know I I don't think it hinders by any means by having geldings championing these races. And, yes say taking on if these codes are taking on some of these top level forming geldings beating them then. I think only through separate NGO because I mean yeah. What what kind of style would you really want? Is Getting overturned by those types of society time again now to me, that just tells bree defeats the object. I'm young but I remember in great detail. The late Bobby Frankel training or worse called empire maker. For the Kentucky Derby he was a red hot favourite and he was beaten by gelding cold funny side. Who then went on and bolted up in the preakness and the American media were all over it it's great to see. I, think we underestimate just how much the American media do give attention to US racing,.

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