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Don't have one no alcohol r._v. parking is available near the bell al casino if you don't make it to heart pozo or a bell there are three parks that are very good mt elliott park owens park erm i henderson park also riverside park and the detroit river walk parking meters will not be enforced after five p._m. city owned garages and lots across the city charging ten bucks a man from new york died while vacationing in the dominican republic that made him the tenth american tourists who have died during the stay in the dominican republic president trump has given congress two weeks to come up with ways to fix asylum laws for those seeking to enter the u._s. if not he says his plan round up on those illegally in the u._s. we'll go into effect vice president pence on face the nation said mexico's plan stepping up enforcement at the border is a good start some mazing to think that that that mexico has done more to secure our southern border in the last ten days than democrats in congress have done in the last ten years meantime over another channel president trump was on meet the press discussing the situation at the border he called out democrats for not taking any action at all the democrats would change the asylum laws and the loopholes which they refuse to do because they think it's good politics everything would be solved immediately but they refuse to do it president was ready to have ice agents roundup illegals from ten different cities but then he delayed the move for a couple of weeks president trump and the chinese leader gijon pinger set to meet that'll be at the group of twenty seven in japan in the next week president trump may have called off the military strike against iran for shooting down at grown but the national security adviser john bolton had a message for iran neither iran nor any other hostile actor should mistake u._s. prudence and discretion for weakness no one has granted them a hunting license in the middle east there's a scheduled launch tonight for a deep space atomic clock something is supposed to take a licking and keep on ticking that could help space travelers safely make their way to the moon and mars for some north carolina that state's lottery players zero meant five thousand dollars the state lottery says it set a record payout after the winning numbers a pick four-game north carolina came out to be zero zero zero zero seems that the state says four zeros is a popular lottery pick governor jerry news time seven thirty three here's steve courtney sports all right richard the college world series has come to this a best of three series with a michigan baseball wolverines and vanderbilt that gets underway in omaha game one tonight as a matter of fact seven o'clock will preview it former michigan great kenny hayward joining us in the moments ahead meanwhile the tigers yeah they lose to the indians eight three yesterday afternoon the try putting together a five run second inning cleveland earns the three games sweep daniel norris tigers starter falls to two and sixty if you're looking for a bright spot miguel cabrera singled in the first inning moves into a tie with luke appling for fifty six place all time with two thousand seven hundred forty nine it's by the way his one thousand six hundred sixty five career r._b._i. ranked twenty ninth now just to behind sammy sosa tigers and rangers kick off a series at comerica park that will begin seven o'clock tomorrow night the fico women's world cup continues in france of course next up for the united states who have been very impressive spain that will be twelve noon today chaz reading wins in connecticut the travelers championship his first tour victory in eleven years he will now make his way to the motor city of the rocket mortgage classic field steve message and data rates may apply earning your degree from one of the top business schools in the country might sound impossible to fit into your workload but what if there were a business degree.

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