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If you just joined us you're listening to my awesome empire i'm anthony calvillo and we're speaking with louis forte the author of hailu we take a look at this my time with you'll hauser which chronicles the amazing adventures shared with old during his many years as a cameraman and visual director of california gold on pbs so louis tell us about that book title well as we went along shooting the california gold series of you'll started talking to louis which was i in he in a sense to give me direction as to where he was going to go so he would say oh louie take a look at this so he would point at the direction he was going to report to and so that then everyone wanted to know who this louis guy was in it became this mystery guy behind the scenes and pretty soon everyone was asking where's louis whereas louis can we don't see louis louis behind the camera and so when after he'll passed away and chapman university honored him with that doctorate they came to me and they said you need to write a book about your adventures behind the scenes because you're the only one that knows the stories and and i didn't know anything about book writing so they said you have to call it louis take a look at this and because that was kind of the theme and so it so i said okay so louis take a look at this and that's what came about how many stories did you to produce.

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