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Calm him down in Quakertown Jamelle word K. winnable uses radio when it comes to gambling you've probably heard the old saying the house always wins that wasn't the case this year Hey what W's Mike Dharti reports sports bettors cleaned up on the Superbowl people in Pennsylvania were able to use their phones to bet on the big game for the first time ever we saw well over a thirty million dollars he and waiters being placed dog Harbach is the director of communications for the Pennsylvania gaming control board he says most of the money was on Kansas city which led to a three million dollar loss for the casinos and sports books about eighty percent of the bets were placed online our box says more than two hundred thousand gamblers were in on the action and that's double what we would normally see on any given NFL Sunday in New Jersey officials say the bets totaled about fifty four million and sports betting operators reported losses of just over four million on the game Mike Dharti KYW newsradio police have made an arrest in a fatal hit and run last month along Broad Street in north Philadelphia a wide W. stomach Devin has that story fill the people you see twenty one year old Todd the burden of northeast Philadelphia was behind the wheel surely be four four AM on January twelfth when his vehicle struck twenty seven year old Tiffany read as he was crossing the street abroad and Lee high north Philadelphia woman died at the hospital later that day police say Burton was arrested and charged with accident involving death homicide by vehicle involuntary manslaughter tampering with evidence and recklessly endangering another person John McDevitt key what have you news radio that's from the new coronavirus have risen to almost five hundred in mainland China the number of new cases is now over twenty four thousand at least ten people in a Japanese cruise ship tested positive we're taking the hospitals all thirty seven hundred crew and passengers on the ship will be quarantine on board for up to fourteen days meanwhile crews from the Atlanta based centers for disease control are in California helping with incoming flights from China about two dozen CDC workers from Atlanta are now in San Diego at the marine corps air station Miramar one of five department of defense bases prepare to receive American citizens who are arriving from China the CBC's Tom Skinner is there while there how here on base they'll be screened twice a day for the duration of their fourteen day warranty period this is the reason for the quarantine is to prevent the spread of this virus which still has many unknowns Sabrina Cupid for CBS news Atlanta university police say an arrest has been made in this week's deadly shooting at Texas a and M. university commerce the shooting happened inside the residence hall on campus nineteen year old freshman deja Manson or sister abatis mats both killed Albany's two year old son was hurt but is back home with family according to police twenty one year old doctor Sean Smith is charged with capital murder in the shootings he isn't a student at the university and is believed to be avidly mats ex boyfriend surveillance and witness tips led to the arrest an investigation that involve the local state and federal police Clayton level down let's check in the roadway is we've got a crash on seventy six east traffic is next and don T. Y. W. newsradio for fair objective coverage of the impeachment trial in the Senate celebrate the big to to with T..

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