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Senators i'm telling you might apalc a we don't have any single friend in the senate not one row in the senate or in the house of representatives understand the new wind in the end the practical the common core they are putting forth would they think are solutions which could school choice doubts are those i thought the weekend what would want the great idea has now been hijacked by progress and in only gonna further entrench the federal government not only into public we'll put off the chartered your dirty little secret there's a reason the union randi weingarten mbeki to baath are still buddy buddy tummy all over the united states of america and a going i knew picking toward listening car that it because i believe and eventually they move it closed down public school in karn amended charter school what you're going to be happening charters are going to begin unionized is going to happen very fast and we're gonna have the same problem that we have with the public will pick up one different charter schools do not have a board of education a democratic leader elected local boarded edge asia kate and they had a board of supervisors that up quite apparent as a liaison the what you're going to have our charter schools all over the country that are directly to the federal government they are not controlled locally in any way shape or form and we will have even laughable boy than we do now and our current public education system now important did this is this charter in in tweet battle this is why in packed it that bill with killed got a couple of months ago mike it was not by liberal it was not democrat that they would buy homes all mom and dad and grandparents to thaw the ball choi the fall charter the fault doubt.

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