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WABC traffic in transit radio seventy seven W. A. B. C. traffic center I'm involved most in good and bad news on Staten Island Staten Island expressway westbound exit then victory circle we had a serious acting was cleaned up but we're still playing phone provider residual volume all the way back from around a fourteen it's jammed we are crawling area that I've expressed wait very much like the fourteen all the way down the exit nine then the Hutchinson river parkway northbound exit five if this accident left lane is taken out there also busy other cross Bronx out after the Alexander Hamilton bridge over the Hudson River crossings take your pick the George Washington bridge lane in Holland moving fine in New Jersey westbound eighty still things a break like take the fifty over to about a forty eight also twenty two west bound fairway Dr different field road is slow and also good news on route seventeen north and Central Avenue that actually cleaned up still seeing another collision on the which I rally road blocks to lane I'm Tim bottom on talk radio seventy seven WABC years Deborah Valentine with the weather forecast now your forecast from the Ramsey monster weather center sunny skies this afternoon are high is thirty three that overnight partly cloudy the low thirty one partly sunny on Sunday the high forty six then on president's day mostly sunny skies size forty six that's your forecast from the ramp sea monster weather center I'm campers Allentown individual rates cover droppings and savings may vary subject to terms conditions if you run a small business saving up to thirty percent on your workers comp insurance is a big deal that's why you need to check your rate at pie insurance dot com it's makes workers comp a no brainer with an easy.

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