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For literacy games dot org traders largest lead thirteen and their joy that right now sixty eight fifty five three forty seven to play in the second half St John's they were now standing in this game at twenty one points from the bench a lot of productivity between that Terry's chains Kiki Tandy eighteen point two rebounds with the two of them alone four six the for printed across the time line give it up to care care her face a pass to the right side rules it's done around the top of the key give it up the Figaro driving to the free throw line he stopped he fades away on a tough shot outside the lane on the right side it's no good rebound taken by the musketeers Tyree Jones Jones is twelve points the ball game and nine rebounds an average of the double double try to be the first musketeer do that since David west first season good good double team has it taken away in a break out of an easy way out actually no it's a goaltending call for Williams good good broad across the timeline turned his back the defender Williams and that's one care here kind of jumped from the right side in surprise with good not to three inbounds pass is taken away but lost again by wrote the for for Xavier momentarily getting very sloppy with three oh six to go leading sixty eight fifty seven so that was good this first turnover of the game against a team that presses the entire forty minutes is not not bad drug brings it across the time line in a region of the found by Rutherford that'll be the eighth I get the tense scene Fallon saying for me I believe it's just thirty nine again ugh brings it across the time what is the guy you just passed to this game to worry about the change that was the case were rather for try to sneak up behind him and slapped away his growth realized at the moment adjusted the dribble and resulted in the south it is just the ninth team balancing John so Paul scrubs would be aligned with the one in one opportunity to grow to score ten in the ballgame this is his first free throw attempts to the game was on the way it is no good from the one on one we've got taken by Saint John's.

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