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Is the time we listen in on the local sounds of the day and we'll start with Governor Pritzker. The state is getting another $43 million from the federal government in the cove in 19 vaccination campaign. The governor talked about that earlier today. So we'll be supporting our local public health departments. As you know, One of the important things that's happening is the capacity to deliver to administer vaccines. Across the state is significantly increasing yesterday. You may have seen that I visited Lake County Fairgrounds where they had an amazing operation. They're running 600 cars. Through there just now, and they have the ability to ramp up to beyond 1000. Every single day s O. Some of the dollars that come in from the federal government will go to a site like that down in ST Clair County and the state Lewis, For example, various county health departments that have the ability to ramp up and deliver and need help from the state or the federal government will be receiving those dollars. The governor was asked if the vaccinations are the sticking point with the Chicago Teachers union, then Why aren't they getting vaccinated now? Yes. Oh, I want to make clear. And so, as you know, the federal government delivers two sets of vaccines to Illinois. At least they have two packages. One goes to the city of Chicago and the city's Department of Public Health. One goes to the to the locations that the state Went out across the rest of the state of Illinois. So CTU teachers teaching in Chicago would be eligible for Chicago's vaccination program. And, you know, as more vaccine arrives more teachers indeed, more people in phase one B will be able to get vaccinated. You know, we wish we had enough vaccine for everybody right now, so that we could have everybody vaccinated and frankly, I think we'd all like to be done with this. But we can't do that now because the the federal government didn't order enough vaccine in the first place. Under the prior administration and the two companies that are producing it can only produce so much in the facilities they have now the Biden administration. I just want to add, has done a great job of really going to those manufacturers. And doing everything that they can think of to try toe increase the amount of production that's available on DSA. I'm looking forward to us being able to do more and more every week, switching gears a little bit Alex Brussel, which is a Republican strategist, He's the CEO of Ex Strategies LLC talked to fuck Chicago this morning about the Republicans possible plan to challenge Congressman Adam Kinzinger the next primary. Well, we're not trying to cancel and we're trying to give the people that overwhelmingly voted for President Trump in his district. Proper representation. He betrayed the people. It wasn't a betrayal of the president percent. It was a betrayal of the people who voted for him and who overwhelmingly voted to President Trump. When you're elected to Congress, you're elected to be the representative and the voice of your district. And what he did on what he voted for the impeachment efforts that was not representing their voice. It was representing his own selfish voice, and he wanted some points with the woke media, probably because he wants to run for governor, or he's just not that smart. So brush, Woods was asked the Republicans in his camp have a candidate to challenge Kinzinger. Yes, we do. And the candidate that's going to be announcing very soon against Adam. Kids here is going to wit there very well like they're well known in the community and they have what it takes gets the next level and they're going to get a ton of outside support. I don't. I don't think it's going to be able to keep up with the money. You might have to go to his friends of the Lincoln Project for a little bit of cash to keep going 15 toward Alderman Raid. Lopez talked to WGN's and it Atlantis today about a disturbing experience while he was attending a zoom court. He had some interesting experiences. What the heck is going on, Alderman? Let me just say Cook County's due in court, which is where we're processing. A lot of our are criminals. What a joke. Today I was on the call for an individual from the brain park communities within the 15th Ward. Gentleman who's been terrorizing our community, destroying police pod cameras, possibly even connected to the vandalism of my my office. And the judge couldn't even make it into court today. And what made it even worse with that, despite all of the defendants They were there for their cases. There was no effort to even try to find a substitute judge to hear that pushing all these court cases back for another six weeks or so to mid march to where they could be hurt again. You know, we have individuals who have committed serious offenses in their neighborhood. This gentleman has been arrested. He's on its 15th. Case he's been arrested 15 times. Now. This is his second gun charge. And yet home Elektronik monitoring the public defender stated that you know she lost track of him, which means God only knows where he's at now. And yet the cycle continues and these criminals are out running amok. Under this false notion that somehow by extending their court cases for weeks on end that examines sit at home and watch Maury Povich all they completely ridiculous. S'more from Alderman Lopez talking with Anna. What should happen in a situation like this? What would you like to see? Chief Judge Tim Evans has to come up with one a system for which, if a judge is not available for their courtroom, we have a alternate judge come in. Start adjudicating these matters in the case that we were monitoring today. This individual should have a warrant for out for his arrest for missing court today. But despite being on electronic monitoring, despite not being even in his own residence, where Public defender said. She lost track of him. You know, we don't have that mechanism, and now this individual is emboldened and knowing that the court system is not actively holding him accountable, even to the most basic of electronic monitoring requests, and he'll run around the neighborhood with impunity. God help us if he grabs a hold of another gun. What she likes to do it. Start shooting. People are gangbanging. No. We have to make this system work because as we talk, not just about the court systems, but you know, even trying to tackle car, Jake if there's no replications, why are we doing any of this? If we can't even have repercussions in the courtroom. What's the point and I failed, and I refused to give up on our city with us because we can do better now. Another alderman downtown alderman Brendan Riley, wants to allow marijuana sales on Michigan Avenue and in the loop. Currently, the ordinance prohibits that Mayor Lightfoot squash that earlier this week. It's not gonna happen least not now. The Alderman talked with WGN's Bob's. Throughout about that. You want weed chaps to be allowed downtown in the 42nd word. The mayor doesn't what's gonna happen with that, Bob? Well, we already have, too in my ward, and they're they're performing very well and thank goodness because we need their revenue. But there is a large exclusion zone that blankets half of my ward, and it's arbitrary. It makes no sense..

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