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The sun one time. Stand of the day brought to you by panini America, the official trading cards to the Dan Patrick show. Josh Allen here at 31 points last night. I'd rather when you're your team doesn't do well in fantasy. Yes. When you got a guy who, you know, I walk in and soon as I walk in, the back room guys, Tyler goes, I Gabriel Davis on the bench. I have a. I don't care. I just don't want to hear it. I had to build defense last night. That's a big start for him. I actually just said how you doing to someone and walking today. I said, how are you doing? How's life? Yeah. I started a cam Akers. He got me nothing. Yeah. Yeah. That was Tyler. Tyler goes. Yeah, I started cam Akers, not going to do that again. And now when you don't start him out three touchdowns. Yeah, I know. And then it was like, how was your, how was your night? Get real Davis on my bench. I said, yes, Mark. Do all of them sound like Napoleon Dynamite? They'll do whatever I feel like gosh. Isn't your son trying to learn the Napoleon Dynamite dance? He one day, I came home from work, and I was like, hey man, what's up? He's like, dad, I had the best idea ever. Like, oh yeah? Okay, what? He's like me and Noah for the school talent show. We're gonna do he's gonna be Pedro and I'm gonna be Napoleon Dynamite and I'm gonna do the dance. And so he's like, check this out and he plays like the YouTube clip or whatever, Eddie starts doing all of his moves and stuff. Oh my God. Are you gonna get him the boots that Napoleon Dynamite? I already ordered. Yeah, 100%. So that might be a preview of Halloween too. I like that. Halloween costume this year might be Napoleon dynamite. I like that. All right, we'll take a break. We're just getting started here in this second hour, more phone calls, 8 7 7 3D show. Say good morning if you're watching on peacock or streaming partner. 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Price and participation may vary can not be combined with any other offer. Ready to hold some asphalt? Join me Formula One champion Will Arnett in comedian Mika hakkinen on her new radio program the fast and loose F one post show on amp. Live every Sunday after the Grand Prix we'll talk with drivers teams and everything in between and dissect what happened on the track and off it. Download the amp app and follow and presents F one or ask Alexa to play F one on amp. Matthew Stafford reached 50,000 career passing yards during the game, matching Drew Brees for the fastest and league history to get to that mark 183 games. Cooper Cup had a big night in the loss. He has had at least 90 receiving yards in each of his last 14 regular season games. That's the longest streak in the Super Bowl era and the only such streak to reach double digit games. Here comes at what stat of the day. Matthew Stafford sex 7 times also was picked off what three times last night. Where does he rank all time in interceptions? Before or after last night. After listening. Okay, after last night, he's 53rd all time. Last night, he was able to pass Tommy Kramer Jay Cutler Ken Anderson and Richard Todd on the all time interception thrown list. I think. But we brought this up the last couple of years, receiver caused interception. The RCI. And you saw this with Josh Allen, it completed his first ten passes and then Isaiah McKenzie ended up catching a ball and then it was picked off. Shouldn't we have RCI? That's not on Josh Allen. And you could say maybe all three of those picks on Matthew Stafford, if one is ticked, tipped or the receiver went the wrong way. And now, if it affected fantasy, then I think the NFL would look at adopting this. But if it doesn't or they're not going to recognize it, then it probably doesn't have that much traction. But this is similar to a wild pitch in baseball. Is it the pitcher or was it the catcher who made the mistake? Now nothing is attached to that. It's not like you go, boy, you had 58 wild pitches. The pass ball, maybe you don't win a gold glove, but there's nothing really attached to it. If you attach significance to it, then you'll get traction on RCI, receiver caused interception. By the way, the bills had 42 total sacks all of last year. So with 7 last night, if we do the math and Todd did their one 6th of the way towards matching, their total last season. All right.

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