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Wine bars it always mention Kenny Kenny dressy Kenny the I have a call on say it allows a let me take this call Gary in Rancho what do you do one yes Sir are you doing good Gerry thank you was so thoughtful because don't you realize really cool I know my views of Robbie different than other people the girl that poor girl to look because here for business I learned my favourite did you know that of course you can as seriously I do repairs for us several businesses and she's absolutely right I I've got him in and out so many people going to the bathroom they rip rip it doesn't violate gun into the repairs and clean up but walls from from people injecting and leading the needles around and they still both of the restaurant and basically breaker toilets and the main thing is that it is a it's definitely an issue I mean and I agree no I'm not I'm not I'm not the biggest fan of of of our governor or other yeah yeah but yeah dollar a day you can you get to do stuff and I and I'm not a big fan of his is ideals the stuff so he does have to do something because of everything you stated everything that Elizabeth stated I'm not sure what that's going to be I have no idea what the answer is but yeah but as a business owner you can't put up with that I mean that's the it like everything she said is true I mean it's embarrassing I mean and I and I feel compassion for these almost people I do and yeah you know honestly I I I think of the you know I have nothing against them you know to go in there and they take charge in the bathrooms and stuff and that's not a big deal that they took care of stuff you know that that's not a big deal really you know I I don't I have nothing against people you're okay I've been a bath and get cleaned up you know what I'm on the road sure you know a little scared of dissenters awful right yeah right there's absolutely no need for that.

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