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Hawkins. Stuck on five AM in London midnights in Washington, which means the US partial government shutdown is now the longest in American history. That's what I don't need a dam wall. I leave my money today. I need my money to plan my crop. I need my money to pay my labor. I leave my money to continue also coming up Canada grants asylum to an eighteen year old Saudi girl who was stuck in Thailand after announcing Islam Alkan is now on her way, we believe to Toronto from there. Whether she stays in Toronto that's a big question plus proving he still got it's the oldest professional footballer in the world is on the new contract to the age of fifty one. And if you've got no plans this weekend, why not join millions of people around the world who've been watching a live stream of albatross is in New Zealand. We'll find out why. After the latest world news. Hello. This is the BBC news with McDonald the continuing government shutdown in the United States has now become the longest in US history lasting twenty two days. So far, hundreds of thousands of government workers have not been paid. And trade unions. A warning that public safety could be at risk if the situation continues from Washington, here's David Willis, not since of budgetary standoff between then President Bill Clinton, and the speaker of the house at the time, Newt Gingrich brought the government to a halt in nineteen ninety-five has shutdown lasted as long at the heart of the dispute is a war, which President Trump maintains is essential in order to stem, the flow of guns and gangs across America's southern border. Democrats dismiss it as unnecessary a British cabinet ministers warned that there could be a surgeon far right extremism in the UK. If Brexit is blocked. Chris grilling tool the Daily Mail newspaper that if Britain's departures prevented the seventeen million people who voted for Brexit will feel cheated Mr. grilling endorses, the prime minister's withdrawal deal which feces likely defeat in parliament next week. Chris Mason reports Chris growling is not suggesting there would be riots. If Brexit is we can reverse, but he is blunt about what he fears would be the consequences. People should not underestimate this. He says we would see a different tone in our politics are less tolerant society, a more nationalistic nation. He then odds if mpg represent seats that voted seventy percents Aleve say sorry guys were still going to have freedom of movement. They will turn against the political mainstream. Japanese professional footballer signed a new contract with his team, you Oklahoma f c at the age of fifty one Kazuyoshi Miura started his career in one thousand nine hundred eighty six and won the last of his eighty nine caps for Japan nineteen years ago or Embu reports at the age of fifteen Kazuyoshi Miura left Japan to pursue a football career in Brazil. He played for police. Former team Santos before having success in Europe with Genoa empty Nomo. Zagreb back in Japan mirror was top scorer in the inaugural J-League season in one thousand nine hundred ninety three and became the first Japanese footballer to be awarded the title Asian player of the year two years ago at the age of fifty mirror became the oldest professional to score a goal his latest contract with yorker Hama. If see means that could still be playing when he turns fifty two next month. The runner up in the presidential election and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Martin for you, Lou is due to file a court petition in the next few hours challenging the result on Thursday, the Congolese electoral commission, and I'm Felix Tshisekedi had one. You're listening to the latest world news from the BBC. South Africa's governing party the African National Congress will markets hundred and seventh aaniversary later today by launching an election manifesto, NFL stadium. The event will kick start the country's election season. President Cyril Ramaphosa hopes to persuade an increasingly disillusioned electorate that he will follow through on his promise to tackle corruption. The government of Burkina Faso say twelve civilians have been killed in an attack on a village by jihadists, the security ministry, said about thirty militants opened fire on people in Gaza leaky who had gathered for a weekly market witnesses and officials said the attackers ransacked shops and set fire to a barn and six shops. The head of Nissan's operations in China juicy manure has resigned the company widens its investigations into alleged misconduct by the firms OSA chairman Carlos Schoon. Mr. Munoz was an ally, Mr. goon and an influential strategists for the car maker. He said he chose to step down immediately. Police in the American state of Utah warn people not to drive while blindfolded after a teenager crashed her car taking part in viral internet challenge, the seventeen year old veered into oncoming traffic after pulling a hat over is to emulate a film. Steve Jackson reports Utah police said it didn't take long for the teenage driver to lose control of her pickup truck and swerve into another vehicle and concrete barrier. Nobody was hurt in the crash north of Salt Lake City, but a police officer described the circumstances is outrageous and the collision as predictable in the film bird box. The main characters must be constantly blindfolded to avoid seeing deathly visions in response. People have posted a series of videos of themselves trying to perform a range of activities while blindfolded net flicks. Which streamed the film has urged people not to hurt themselves carrying out the challenge. Welcome back to the newsroom from the BBC World Service with me. Paul hawkins. We start in the US, which is now officially experiencing the longest ever partial government shutdown in American history, Saturday is date twenty two of a standoff between President Trump and the Democrats in congress over funding for his border wall with Mexico. He's dismissed speculation that he's about to declare a national emergency in order to bypass congress and get funding for the ball. I'd rather not do it because this is something that congress should easily. Do this is something that the Democrats should do. And I don't wanna give an easy way out of something as simple as this. You could actually a lot of people don't like the word invasion. We have a country that's being invaded by criminals and by drugs, and we're gonna stop eight hundred thousand government employees, miss stay January paychecks on Friday some of them. Still working on pay. It also means government money can't be spent on things like subsidies for farmers. That's what I don't need a day on wall. I need my money today. I need my money to plan my crop. I need my money to pay my labor. I leave my money to continue. Let's go live now to our correspondent in Washington. David Willis, David as well as the farmer there. Many government employees are struggling to make ends meet because they should be paid on Friday. Yes. Indeed, Paul hundreds of thousands of government workers missed that first paycheck on Friday, and there are already some very real stories of hardship starting to merge, and that was of course, no further talks planned between President Trump, and the Democrats is starting to look as though instigating some sort of in a national emergency might end up being his only solution is only way out of this crisis. And where is public opinion on this of the polls changed a lot? Not much. I have to say they've been pretty consistent and majority of those polled. Fifty one percent in the most recent poll, a blame President Trump further shutdown as against about thirty as about twenty two percent, or so who blame the Democrats, but it's very much a fight for public opinion. If you like because these two sides are at a standoff, and eventually one of them is going to have to capitulate in no way that you can. I mean, you've been following this from the beginning no way that you can see any source of resolution whatsoever. Well, I think it would take really some amazing act on the part of either Democrats all President Trump to bridge this divide. I mean, what started as a dispute over policy has basically evolved into a standoff. Brinkmanship if you like with really no solution in sight, President Trump arguably having painted himself into a corner over his insistence on this money to pay for the wall, billions of dollars, the Democrats pointblank refusing to cough up those funds and no indication of where we go now. Indeed. Thank you, David. That's our correspondent in Washington. David Willis right now, Saudi teenager. Ralph L is traveling to Canada, she's on a plane heading for the country. Now after tweeting I would like to thank you for supporting me and saving my life. She successfully argued that her life was at risk because she'd given up her Islamic faith and had had her case taken up by the UN. It was widely thought she'd be heading for a stranger. But she hasn't done. I've been speaking with Katie Simpson. A CBC reporter in Toronto about what Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been saying about her case. He shed a little bit of light on what sort of happened behind the scenes to get to this point Alkan is now on her way, we believe to Toronto from there. Whether she stays in Toronto, that's a big question. There are a lot of support in Toronto for refugees and people seeking asylum. So that might be one place she stays, but Justin Trudeau says that the UN did reach out to Canada and asked if Canada would provide asylum for this Saudi teenager and Justin Trudeau held a news conference today about another issue. But he was asked about this. It was the first question to him. And he said this is a pleasure for Canada. This is what Canada does because Canada's stands up on the world stage to defend human rights, and defend women's rights. So this is not the first time Canada has done something like this to really make try to take a stand on the world scene. And really make a point that this is something that Canada does and Canada believes in human rights, but Justin Trudeau confirmed that today and now a Canadian officials are waiting to welcome Alpina. When she arrived in Toronto sometime in the next few hours. We believe. Yeah. And practically speaking do we know what he's gonna do once. She arrives in an paper works being processed who she's gonna live with for example. Well, Canada has a very well established asylum seeker system, so anyone who is a government sponsored refugee they get temporary housing. And then they're they're able to find government housing usually the support there's some financial support there. They introduce you to support network. So that really you get the best chance at success when you're starting your new life in Canada. It's a well established program and usually those financial supports last for about a year. So she's going to have that support. And then it's really going to be up to her as to how she wants to sort of move forward with her life her rival here. She certainly going to be very high profile she's already garnered a lot of support from some other famous people who have asked good up to the Saudi regime Ralph, but always wife who is based in Quebec the province of Quebec, she's been very engaged in actively welcoming Al canoeing and end is looking forward to there'll be a support network for her here. And there there's certainly be support and assistance to get herself established CBS's, Katie. Simpson then let's get more on the ongoing situation. In the Brazilian city of fourth laser next where ROY drugs gangs have joined forces in a violent campaign opposed. The separation of the same gangs in prison. The authorities say there have been nearly two hundred attacks over the past ten days, including most recently, the bombing of a bridge in the city, the gangs aren't happy with the new tougher measures in prison, America's editor is Leonardo Russia. The main change in the prison policy in the state of saline in the northeast. Brazil was the decision to split up these gangs traditionally in Brazil, void violence to avoid the basically being killed inside prison. They're put on separate wings of any prison. You have to major gangs the PCC in the read command in visit the all the all the powerful. They're more like powerful criminal organizations and gangs evolved in drug trafficking. Silence across the country in many of the leaders are in jail in traditional you have an east wing with one members of one gang affiliated to that in the west wing and the government in in this state of Sarah, I which is by the way, so left-wing government. They decided that has to stop with not going to to cater for what they want anymore and also the measures like restricting access to mobile phones, and all they're trying to put some order into this jails that was in December November announced and then the gangs announced, but what happened was what had happened. In other Brazilian seats in the past. You started to have first public passes being set on fire attacks on public buildings, which with police intelligence said these are the gangs responding to there to see if we stop and as they've been any response from the new president president Bolsonaro with president Bolsonaro says I need to change. Legislation. We need to change the law. He didn't say clearly what he meant..

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