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Harden promises do the same thing along a path that will take it to the northeast tomorrow that lingers with the Minnesota state patrol are asking is that you reconsider your plans and you really think about your own personal safety and you consider whether or not you have to travel at all the CDS meteorologist Jeff Delhi the big story is both the ice and the snow so the ice will be hitting places like Kansas city Saint Louis up to do more in eventually east towards Chicago and that will actually move east towards our Cleveland and Pittsburgh as well that's where the ice will be the snow will be north of that we're talking about hazardous conditions from the upper Midwest through the Great Lakes Ohio valley and into the northeast as well during the day tomorrow president trump is lawyering up for his impeachment trial adding some heavy hitters to his team including Kenneth Starr and Alan Dershowitz CDS Stephen Portnoy the president called Dershowitz on Wednesday to discuss impeachment in general and that's when Dershowitz accepted the role and he we're told will argue on behalf of the president before the Senate that the allegations being levelled by the house do not rise to the level of impeachable offenses the Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case involving new federal rules now blocked by a lower court that would allow more companies to deny contraceptive coverage as part of their healthcare plans by cleaning a religious exemption CBS news constitutional law expert Jonathan Turley if successful the trump rule would create a major gap in coverage for women around the country the question is whether companies could simply declined to supply this service for coverage and as simply say they did this for religious purposes what more problems with the seven thirty seven Max Boeing is working to fix a newly discovered problem with software powering up on the seven thirty seven Max it adds to the list the tasks the aircraft maker faces to get the grounded plane back in the air that software supposed to verify that monitors of key systems are working correctly in a statement Boeing says it's told the FAA about the issue and are making them Seri updates to be sure the aircraft is safe and meets all regulatory requirements the fleet was grounded in the wake of two deadly crashes overseas that killed hundreds bill ray Cobb C. B. S. news Tessler could be forced to recall about a half million of its vehicles some dating back to the twenty twelve model year due to complaints of unintended acceleration in about a hundred twenty seven complaints involving a hundred twenty three vehicles a hundred ten crashes and fifty two injuries many of the complaints say this sudden acceleration came while attempting to park the vehicles in the garage or at the curb on Wall Street the Dow gained fifty this is CBS news punishment redemption even the most demented Hollywood writers would not have dreamed up an ending like this forty eight hours Saturday's on CBS.

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