Southern Baptist Church, Penton, Barack Obama discussed on Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill


They started plotting and you know these sleigh patrols they had ears everywhere so they were able to prevent it from happening and then they they hung in desecrated the bodies and and that church you know still is a sacred place to all descendants of enslaved africans and that dylann roof chose this place and came into a prayer meeting where he was welcomed their only eight or nine people at that prayer meeting i you know i grew up in the southern baptist church and i know those wednesday night prayer meetings um any set their through the whole prayer meeting and then numb killed almost all of them he actually left one alive to tell what happened well you know very quickly they found out that dylann he had been um a delving into the white nationalist websites dylann roof was completely unrealistic penton was very proud of what he did obviously in no way mentally disturbed this mental disturbance thing you know i would think barack obama could be considered mentally disturbed if you at as whose killing people every day isn't that crazy but you know in fact it's normalized so certain things were in the boundaries of being normalised on dylann roof was i i didn't hear anyone calling him mentally ill and he was they did even make that argument at trial he refused it but i don't think it's just marginal i think it it it's almost like in a nutshell symbolic of what i said of being a counterrevolution this whole second amendment you know it's rise again importance and the sacredness of it and we've just got to stop giving that to them but it that means soulsearching about the gun fetish shouldn't gunculture rucks and.

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