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Fort Pierce. From ABC news. I'm Richard Cantu. House Judiciary committee members looking forward to seeing the underlying evidence in the Miller report this after the Justice department relented, still the full house will vote on getting some legal cloud behind the committee subpoenas. They're going to vote in the house to essentially fast track their legal fights allowing themselves to go to court to enforce these subpoenas specifically against the attorney general, Bill bar, and Don, Mcgann the former White House counsel ABC's, Ben Siegel in Washington after months of trading jabs from afar. President Trump and Joe Biden will overlap today in Iowa, a state critical to both their political futures. President participates in a tour and delivers remarks at southwest Iowa renewable energy in council bluffs. The White House says the president will highlight the implementation of the new e fifteen rule which allows more ethanol to be using gasoline year round. Not just eight months. The president's also expected to push for congress to move forward on the US, Mexico, Canada trade agreement. ABC's Karen Travers Biden wants a convincing win. Iowa's caucuses to cement, his front runner status. The supreme court decided against hearing the appeal of the longest held detainees at Guantanamo court rejected a request from Yemeni national that's been held at Guantanamo Bay prison for seventeen years. Mohammed Ali Allawi was captured in Pakistan says he's been held longer than any other detainee and US custody, the justices decided to let stand, a lower court decision that says he could be held so long as the US is fighting the Taliban, and I'll Qaeda ABC's Devon, Dwyer, Iran says it will release Lebanese native, and permanent US resident czars Sokha, sentenced to ten years in prison in two thousand fifteen for unspecified espionage, infractions retired baseballer David Ortiz, is in Boston to continue treatment, after being shot Sunday in the Dominican Republic of spokesman says Dominican surgeons removed Ortiz's gall bladder and part of his intestine liver suffered damage as well. You're listening to ABC news..

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