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Join the foot dot com come join the fully quick question of the day before we get into it. We haven't talked about Kenyan Drake and the Infinity stone himself. Frank gore over the weekend, Drake was fourteen for forty. Eight caught another three passes for eighteen yards on. For targets had eight fantasy points. Frank gore was nine for sixty one. Had a couple of those. Oh, wait. Is that Frank gore in that game? He is infinite score. He is infinite he is. He is. He did nothing to damage his time share capabilities in this game. So how do you feel about Kenyan Drake, how do you feel about Frank gore? I watched this game, you know, in several broken up parts over seven hours, and I thought gorlic good. But I thought Drake looked good. So I thought, Drake, look, great actually. Oh, yeah. I mean, I believe even the commentator on the broadcast said, Kenyan. Great. At one point, I'm not too worried about this a lot of time we did it on purpose, so he probably did it on accident. Right. That's or he listens to the show, probably the ladder. You know, if you're just box score watching, if you're just basically looking at the end, you go, Frank gore had more yards than Kenyan Drake, but you know, if you go back and do some film. Analysis, Kyle Borgen Yonis getting back to back shout outs on the show here because he's doing such good work. He went back and watch, and he basically said, you know, the difference in office of line play on those. Those plays between when gore was running through. I believe he said that even baby, Josh. Yeah, it would have run successfully through those massive holes that Frank gore statement that I dispute. Oh, absolutely. False. I mean, it's there's no way baby Josh. He would have fallen down because keep in mind. I think he's still crawling. You're you are anticipating a baby. Just does not fumble the handle. Thank you, Mike, good correction. But the snap percentage was just so heavily in the favor of Kenyan Drake, seventy four, twenty nine. I'm not. That doesn't add up well, they can be on the field. Yes. Oh, thank you. Thank you saving me here. I'm like it's how many snaps were in this game, not so very long game. Not concerns about the the times, put not concerned about gore being the guy. Vilo system duty for Drake, actually just the lower game for Drake. All right. It is Wednesday, which means o. Reilly auto parts pump. The brakes with though Reilly auto parts, every Wednesday, we pump the brakes on some players for the upcoming week and Mike, why don't you kick it off with a pump, the brakes for week two sure. My real pump. The brakes that I wanted to go with was actually Jason's fantasy team when he ends up owing to and just tilts off the face of the planet, Tim, if you start to lose, I will his mind using this is what's great about. You had all these picks you work towards this season and you could, you know..

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